Buying or selling your house, when you are gone, is that possible?

What we often see is that a buyer or seller of the property has just planned a trip or vacation if the transfer date is. But it is also possible that you are prevented for another reason. This is not necessarily a problem. You can solve this by arranging a notarial proxy.

How do you arrange a notarial proxy?
This is very simple. Call the notary where the transport is planned, ask for the costs of a notarial power of attorney and if agreed, make an appointment to sign the power of attorney at the office of the notary. Please note: do not forget to bring a valid identification.

Can the proxy also be signed at a notary of your choice?
Yes that is allowed. But make sure you request the authorization from the notary who does the transport. Take this authorization to your own notary where you have requested the proxy and have it legalized here . The proxy must be issued in the presence of a notary. Please note: in addition to the costs for the proxy, there are also the costs for legalizing the proxy.

What does a notarial proxy cost?
The costs vary greatly per office.

  • Takes account of between approximately € 1 8 0, – and € 335, – per warrant (source: )
  • Legalizing a proxy costs around € 50 per person .

Arrange the proxy on time!
A final and very important tip: arrange the proxy on time and at least 1 week before the transfer.

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