The Haarlem bidding system

What is it and what exactly is the difference with the Amsterdam bidding system?

In our region (Zuid-Kennemerland) the most common is the Amsterdam bidding system. Before the crisis, this was mostly the Haarlem bidding system. We explain how it works with an example:

You are going to view a home and you absolutely love it. The selling broker will tell you that there is already a bid. The party that has placed this bid has a number 1 position.

Please note: this is only if it was a serious bid and this is also recognized by the selling broker. For you, this means that if you want the property, you can make a one-off bid. Whatever it does.

A few other viewers also make an ultimate offer. The selling broker will now discuss all bids with his client (the seller). The first bidder then receives a final sales proposal. If he accepts this, he has bought the property. If he does not respond to this, the seller is free to choose one of the other bidders to sell his property.

The big difference with the Amsterdam bidding system is:

  • With the Amsterdam bidding system, the 1st bidder only gets the number 1 position if he receives a counter proposal from the seller. With the Haarlem bidding system, it only has to be a “serious bid”.
  • In the Amsterdam bidding system, the buyer makes a final purchase proposal to the seller in the last round. With the Haarlem bidding system, the seller makes a final sale proposal to the prospective buyer.

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