When I’m going to view a property with a client, there is a whole list of things where I keep my eye on.

Together with my client I have a ‘search profile’ in our system. This system keeps an eye on the new properties in the market and it arranges that the new properties will drop in the e-mailbox of my client. These properties are not on Funda yet. That’s after 1 or 2 days. A big advantage because the client is often the first one who can see the property and do a first bidding.

The client who is looking for a property will call or text us as his realtor to book a viewing. Then the work starts:

I always start with looking at the text and the pictures if the property is within the search profile of the client. Often the client has to take a day of to do a viewing. It’s a waste if it’s for a property that’s not interested enough.

  • Is there a very big rebuilding necessary, what would cost to much?
  • Is the property big enough or can you make it bigger?
  • Is it in range of the budget of the client or is it possible that the property will be bought by someone for too much money?
  • With apartments it’s very important to know in what condition the VvE is! If there is no VvE or is it a terrible VvE, what’s not active, then it’s possible that the apartment is no longer an option, because the client will not get a mortgage for it.
  • When I have a client who is an investor, I’ll always check if there will be negative reactions if the buyer of the property is an investor.

When there is a big ‘no-go’, then I will explain why that is to my client and will suggest we will find some other property for him or her, what will be more in the line of the search profile.

From behind my desk I do some investigation:

On the internet I check what kind of properties were sold in the area and for what prices. I check these properties for size, status of the property, the selling time and the historical asking price. Then I want to know as much as possible about the property itself. What is sold and what is not sold, the foundation, the particularities (ground lease, possible defects in the future, stuff that you can take over on the list of items etcetera).

First view
When I arrive at the property I always look around at the streets, the facade, the bricks, the joints and defects in the facade, like cracks, window frames, the painting etcetera. I check these things from the backyard as well.

By entering the property, I start with looking at the fuse box. Is it modern and technical in good shape? Are there enough groups for power?

Is there a hatch, for looking under the floor? If there is, do it. You can see if there is groundwater or not. How does the downstairs floor feel when you walk on it?

Layout and opportunities
Is the layout (stairs, door to living room, toilet, etcetera) common and if not, how is it possible to create? What is possible, what is allowed and what are the costs to fix this? Building extension, roof structure, dormers, cam increase etcetera.

How is the finishing of the property? Is it done by Bob the builder or did real contractors do the work? What kind of material did they use and how is the quality?

Small explanation; We see a lot of pictures that look beautiful, but when you’re in the property it looks like trash.

Are the choices the sellers made in taste (floor, kitchen, bathroom, layout) possible to sell easy when my clients want to sell the property after 5 years. And of course, is it beautiful enough for our client and does it fit in the future plans of the client?

Does the electricity installation meet the demands of today? If not, what will it cost to make it so?

Do we smell something? Are there problems with the sewer? Is the sewer in the house completely PVC or are there old pipes?

What kinds of ceiling are there? Old stuff that burns fast, plaster on reed or softboard? Can we win altitude by rebuild the ceiling?

What kind of installation is there for warm water? Is the boiler good, when is it build/how long will it continue running? Is it to light or too heavy for the property? Is the boiler leased, if so, what will it cost to buy it? Is it a combi boiler or does there run hot water in the kitchen from an electric boiler?

Is there much noise in the surroundings? Do you hear the neighbors walking upstairs? If you open a window, does a lot of noise come in?

If it’s not known yet, what kind of foundation is there? Always ask this question to the selling realtor. Are it wooden poles or wooden poles with concrete topping? (In case of the last poles it’s not a real problem)

How does the rooftop construction look? Are there flexible parts, in what condition are the roof tiles, how do the flat roofs look, is it lead or zinc etcetera?

What kind of services are there? Isolation for the floor, HR++ windows, roof isolation, ventilation, cavity wall, retention walls etcetera. Can we take some profit out of this?

Is there enough daylight, is the layout logical, is there enough ventilation and heating? Are the light switches installed on logical places and are there enough electrical outlets and on the right spots? Do the bedrooms or the spaces that are suitable for a bedroom fit the expectations of the client?

Is this on a common spot in the house and is there a logical layout for it? Is it build on a concrete floor, how are the tiles put in the wall, how do the tiles sound and how do the joints look? Is there a washing machine as well and can you put a dryer in?

Second toilet
Is there a second toilet on the second floor? Apart or in the bathroom? It’s very annoying to walk downstairs in the middle of the night.

What kind of neighbors are there? Ages, children, kinds of people, does he play the drums, good relation with the neighbors or is there a fight going on? Are there special things the client has about the neighborhood?

With an apartment it’s very impotant that we know everything about the community of owners. Is the VvE active, do they have a KvK registration, home insurance, plan for maintenance for the next few years, notes, monthly service fee, funds for reserve? Is there deferred maintenance, if there is, what’s the plan for fixing it?

Selling possibilities
Can the clients sell the house easily after some time? Is it a good investment? Is it wise to do it?

Next to all of these points I always gather as much information as possible to be in an advanced position against other viewers/bidders. Are there any bids, how many viewings are there, what kind of people sell the house, do they want to sell it quickly or do they have time, what kind of bidding system do they do, when will the selling party close the bidding?

Everything together it’s a lot to be prepared for. This is just a small take from the whole process.

If you want to know more you can contact realtor Floris van Kuijeren at VK Makelaars. Mobile phonenumber: 0031 6 47470404