When I go to view a home with my client, there is a hefty list of things I look out for. I will highlight some of the issues.

Together with the client, we set up a search profile in our system. This ensures that properties that fit the searcher’s profile get directly to the searcher’s mailbox. These homes are not yet on Funda at that time. Often this is 1-2 days later. A big advantage because this puts the searcher ahead of Funda.

The searcher calls/appts/texts us as his broker to get a schedule a viewing. And from here we get to work:

I first look to see if the property fits the client’s search picture at all. Usually the client must schedule time off from work to view a property. Shame if this is in advance as for nothing.

  • Does a home involve too extensive a remodel when the budget doesn’t allow for it?
  • Does the property not lend itself to the space requirements and expansion possibilities in advance?
  • Can the client pay max the asking price when there are already too many signs that this is going to be overbid by a good bit?
  • With apartments, it is very important to know how the VvE is structured. If there is no community association or it is insufficiently organized or there is no prospect of making it active, then the property may no longer be an option because the seeker cannot arrange financing for this property.
  • For apartments where my client is an investor, I look in advance to see if there will be any resistance if the property is going to be rented out.

If there is a big ‘no-go’ in the air, I will be in many cases dissuade my client from continuing with this property.

Preliminary work
From behind the desk I am already doing preliminary research:

In particular, I am looking at comparable properties in the immediate area that have recently been sold. I look at these homes, the living and lot sizes, the condition of the home, the average selling time, the historical asking prices and, of course, selling prices. In addition, I already want to find out as much as possible about the property itself. What will be and what not sold with it, the type of foundation, the particulars (leasehold, common defects that belong to that construction period, items that are for acquisition are or are included on list of cases, etc.).

First view
When I arrive at the house, I look at the streetscape, the facade, the bricks, the joints, junk in the facade, cracks, sagging, the lintels, the window frames, the painting, the rainwater drains, etc. By the way, this is what I look at later when I am in the garden.

Upon entering, I first take a look at the meter box. Does it meet today’s requirements, is it technically sound, what kind of groups are there and are there enough of them?

Is there a crawl hatch, so we can get under the floor watch? And if so, can I take a look under the floor right now?

How does the first floor feel, is there (too much) play to be felt. Is there rising damp?

Layout and possibilities
Is the layout (stairs, door to living room, toilet, etc.) logical and if not, what is needed to do so? What can and can’t be done and what are the costs to make it happen? Additions, roof structures, dormers, ridge risers, etc.

How is the overall state of finish? Was this done by “hobby Bob” or by professionals? What material choices were made and from what quality?

Small note: we see a lot of homes that look like the photos look VT-wonen but in practice are a tinker of cheap materials and labor.

Are the choices these sellers have made in taste (floor, kitchen, bathroom, layout) also marketable again if our client wants to move again in 5 years? And of course: is this the taste of our client and does it fit into his/her living and future wishes?

Does the current electrical and electrotechnical systems meet today’s requirements? And if not, what will it cost to address this?

Do we smell anything? Are there any known problems with the sewer system? Is the sewer in the house all PVC or are there still old vitrified clay pipes?

What kind of ceilings are there? Old fire-rated scrap metal ceilings, stucco on thatch or softboard? Is there any height to be gained by making a modern (plaster+stucco) ceiling?

What kind of hot water heater is there? Is this a good type of boiler, what is the year of manufacture/how long will it last? Is it perhaps not too light or just too heavy for this home. Is it a leased central heating boiler and if so, what is the surrender charge? Is it a combi boiler or does hot water in the kitchen come from an electric boiler?

How noisy is the environment. Is there (too much) noise pollution if you open a window somewhere or (in the case of an apartment) if you hear the upstairs neighbors walking?

If it was not known in advance what type of foundation there was, we want to know now from the selling broker. Are they the infamous wooden posts or are they wooden posts with a concrete setter (where again, nothing wrong at all).

What does the roof structure look like, are there any sagging parts, what does the tiled roof look like, what do the flat roofs look like, it’s the lead work, zinc work, grouting chimney, etc.

What kind of provisions have been made? Think floor insulation, HR glass, roof insulation, ventilation, cavity wall insulation, pre-walls, etc. Are there gains to be made here?

Is there sufficient daylight, is the layout logical, is there adequate ventilation and heating? Are the light switches in logical places (how are they switched) and are there enough electrical outlets (and in the right place)? Do the sleeping quarters or the space for them fit our client’s living and future needs?

Is it in a logical place, is it logical in layout, is it well built on a concrete floor, how is the tiling laid, how does the tiling sound, how is the grouting and caulking. Is this also where the washer and dryer are located and if so, can they run at the same time?

2nd toilet
Is there a second toilet upstairs (separate toilet or in the bathroom)?
Very annoying to have to walk downstairs every time at night.

What kind of neighbors are there? Age group, children, type of people, is there a nuisance (does the neighbor play the piano), good relationship with neighbors or is there a quarrel? Are there any specifics we should know about the neighbors?

With an apartment, it is very important to find out everything about the owners’ association. Is the HOA active and does it have a CoC registration, joint building insurance, MJOP, minutes, monthly contribution, sufficient reserve fund? Is there any overdue maintenance and if so, are there sufficient funds in the reserve fund for this?

Will my clients get rid of this property in so many years? Is this a good and wise investment? Are they doing the right thing here?

In addition, I gather as much crucial information as possible during the viewing in the strategic area. Are there any bids already, how busy is it, what is important to these sellers (quick delivery, short or no financial caveats, etc.), what kind of bidding system is used, when does the selling party want to finalize the bids?

So all in all, a whole bunch of things that go into a viewing and in the preparation of this come into play. Indeed, this is only a rough sample of the things we look at.

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