You want to going to buy a home. You’ve been looking at a lot of houses on Funda and maybe you’ve you’ve even been viewing homes. But that new home, you haven’t found it yet, let alone bought. Friends you talk to bought their house with a purchasing agent. Why would you take it? Surely you can search yourself, a appointment and assess whether the property entices you enough to bid on it?

In the In most cases it is wise to use a (good) buying agent. the arm. We’ve listed a few reasons for you:

With a buying agent you have a head start on the rest of the market

A good buying agent will create a search query with search profile in his system focused on your needs and desires. You will be notified immediately of any properties that are newly offered and meet your search requirements. He keeps an eye on the market for you on a daily basis. If he sees something, he will call you immediately. These properties are usually not yet on Funda and are only visible to the brokers and their searchers. So you’re ahead of the big mob of people looking at Funda.

A buying agent opens doors for you

Especially in times of an overheated housing market, it is important to get a good spot in the often long appointment queue of viewings. A good home in a desirable location can easily attract 30-50 viewers.

The first spots are often reserved for viewers who come with a buying agent. This is partly because these viewers are seriously interested in the eyes of the sales agent and are assisted by an expert who takes them by the hand himself.

That buying agent has full time during the viewing to answer all questions, while the selling agent is under pressure from the sometimes extreme rush of viewings. A buying agent will open doors for you because with him you will enter at a better and more favorable place for the viewing.

Preparing for the viewing

Before your buying agent goes to look at the house with you, his research already begins. He looks at previous applications for this property, at transactions of homes in the immediate vicinity, he looks in the neighborhood to see if there are known problems with, for example, soil contamination, foundation or that there are, for example, plans to build high-rise buildings in the immediate vicinity.

He also looks at things like the year the home was built and the risks that can occur with homes from that period (think asbestos and use of poor building materials).

Professional assessment and guidance during viewings

You are emotionally involved in the purchase of your potential new home. Your buying agent doesn’t. With his expertise and your search profile in mind, he can not only look at the property objectively, but also see through it. He will point out areas of architectural concern that you won’t notice yourself, but he will also point out architectural opportunities and possibilities. And should you need to remodel, your real estate agent will know which remodels you will and will not get licensed by the municipality.


If you are interested in the property, your broker will very carefully prepare an offer for you. He will research similar transactions in the immediate area and will pluss and minus the home you have seen to arrive at a good value judgment. Then he will weigh this with all the information he has been able to pry from the selling agent (how busy was it, are there any bids, are they good, what is the completion date, why do the sellers want to leave etc.).

With Using all this information and his years of experience, he arrives at a amount. The amount of this will also subsequently be adjusted according to among other things, how much you want it, what you want to remodel and how much budget you have and/or want to spend. In that bid, he also formulates which resolutive conditions are useful to include, how long the bid is valid and, for example, How a building inspection should be included as a condition.

A smart buying strategy and a well-prepared bid will earn you a lot of money as a buyer. A good purchasing agent always pays for himself twice over. Individuals without a purchasing agent often pay structurally too much for a home.

A buying agent is legally strong and smart

After closing a verbal sale, your buying agent guards you from legal and contractual pitfalls. He will go through the entire deed of sale to make sure that all agreements have been correctly recorded, but also that there are no items in it that could turn out unfavorably for you.

After the sale, the work of your buying agent doesn’t stop at all. He stays on top of things for you, so that the entire route between purchase and key transfer, all matters, agreements and communication go smoothly. In more than half of the trajectories, something unexpected always comes up. Consider having to apply for deferred financing reservations.

Your broker is your experienced support and anchor who continues to take everything off your hands. Even if things come to light after the transfer of ownership that are not right, you can fall back on him.