Do you want to sell a dated house? Then you should pay attention to this!

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Do you want to sell a dated house? Then pay attention to this. In the current housing market, houses are sold before they are registered with the broker, but that applies less to dated houses. Research has shown that a large proportion of houses that have been on the market for a longer period of […]

Do you want to sell a dated house? Then pay attention to this.

In the current housing market, houses are sold before they are registered with the broker, but that applies less to dated houses. Research has shown that a large proportion of houses that have been on the market for a longer period of time are dated.

Why is selling a dated house more difficult?

Selling a dated house is more difficult because there is often deferred maintenance or spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen that have never been replaced. These reasons prevent buyers from seeing your house as their new home.

Furthermore, selling a dated house is complicated by a number of different reasons. Today’s starters are all busy so they don’t have the time to do odd jobs around the house. But besides that, they are no longer handy, or a do-it-yourselfer, they do jobs less and have jobs solved more often by others.

selling a dated house

The purchase of a dated house is also becoming less attractive. For example, 1930s homes often cost more than €10,000 extra to make up for deferred maintenance. For 90s homes, this amount is around 3,000.-.

It is also more difficult to finance a renovation in the mortgage. As a result, the renovation must be fully self-financed.

Tips selling a dated house

However, there are a number of tips to make selling a dated house easier. Action must then be taken by the seller to make the house look a bit fresher.

Sell the house faster with a small investment

With a small investment, the house can quickly look better. You can do this by repainting the walls. Do this in neutral colors so that it appeals to many people.

When you have the means to get started a bit more extensively, a sales stylist can be hired. In collaboration with the sales stylist, we look at how the interior can look a bit fresher. The sales stylist can also look for temporary furniture. These are then placed for taking the sales photos and the viewing of potential buyers.

Tips for selling a dated house with a large investment

When you have a little more financial means to sell a dated house, you can get started a little more thoroughly.

Tips for the living room

Here you can choose to replace the floors in addition to a new layer of paint on the walls. Pull out the worn floor and place a floor with a herringbone- or Hungarian point motif here.

Tips for the bathroom

The tiles can be replaced in the bathroom and toilets. As a result, you no longer see the discolorations. As a result, broken tiles cannot have a negative influence. Furthermore, it is still possible to seal again and remove mold.

Tips for the kitchen

In a dated kitchen you can go a long way by refurbishing the doors of kitchen cabinets and installing more modern handles. Also, a new freezer, oven or microwave can reduce the dated feeling.

selling a dated house

Complete renovation for a dated house

A final tip for selling a dated home is a complete renovation. As mentioned before, people prefer to buy a house that they can move into right away. They are therefore willing to pay well for this.

That is why a complete renovation of a dated house can result in a considerably higher sales price. When properly invested, the sales price will increase more than the investment costs.

General tips for selling a house

The tips of selling a house are for both dated homes and homes that have been well maintained.
Tips for preparing the kitchen for sale
Make sure the counter is as empty as possible, arrange a flower or a filled fruit bowl and make sure that kitchen utensils such as dish brushes and tea towels are tidy.

Also try to ensure that all equipment in the kitchen is as clean as possible. Buyers even look inside the oven to see how big it is.

Finally, you should also try to make the kitchen look as new as possible. Make sure the cupboards hang straight, all drawers are tidy and wipe everything with a cloth.

Tips for preparing the garden for sale

What you also have to pay attention to is that all windows are closed, garden furniture is dressed, the grass is mowed and the sidewalk is swept.

This is often the first contact potential buyers have with your house. Buyers often drive down the street to get a first impression. Do this yourself and see what strikes you and you might exert a positive influence on this.

Sales tips preparing the living room for sale

Buyers often let the living room sink in. Buyers give up faster when they have a bad feeling about the living room.

It is also useful to delete private photos from the room. These photos give potential buyers the impression that they are visiting your house instead of their own future home.

Remove the net curtains so that more sunlight comes in, try to make as much floor visible as possible and clear the window sills.

Also make sure that there are no obstructions to the view. Otherwise this makes the room appear smaller than it is.

Selling tips for the bedrooms

Try to let in as much sunlight as possible by opening the curtains and make sure there is a neutral duvet cover. Next, the bedroom must be cleaned up well and as many things as possible must be removed from your nightsdtands.

Often dominant colors can be found in bedrooms. Think about the pink in the girls room. Try to make these a bit more neutral beforehand, so that potential buyers are less likely to be distracted.

Selling tips for preparing a bedroom for sale

Tips for preparing the bathroom for sale

Make sure that when there is a toilet roll it is full, lower the toilet seat and remove products that you have at home for personal hygiene such as toothpaste and deodorant.

Try to keep the bathroom as clean as possible. The ability mirrors have to make rooms look bigger, is nullified when the mirror is dirty. You also don’t want dirty sealants or lime stains visible during viewings.