This time a blog from my own known area as realtor: Haarlem. Selling your home in Haarlem, what can you expect and what are the tips from a realtor from Haarlem?
Of course I have tips! Let’s go:

First; purchase – Second; sale

In most cases the advise is to purchase a new home first and afterwards to sell your current home. The average sale time in Haarlem is short. Selling is not the problem. Purchasing a new home is. Don’t make the mistake by selling your home without having a new one. I advise my clients in most cases to prepare the whole presentation of your home before you purchased the new home. So, photos, text for the brochure, maps, etc. Right after you managed to purchase a new home, the old home can be put live on the internet for sale (Funda). This will make sure that you have 2 mortgages for a short amount of time. This will keep the risk low for any sudden drops in value.

Choose a realtor that suits you

There are a lot of realtors in Haarlem. (Yes, we of VK Real Estate are one of them.) Ask yourself these questions:
• Are you looking for a big office that is leader in the market of the region or do you prefer a small office with the personal approach?
• Are you looking for the cheapest realtor in the region or do you think quality and experience are important?
• Most importantly: Do you feel connected with the realtor (the person itself)? That’s the reason why we like to put photos and videos of ourselves online for the first impression people will have.

At my office (VK Real Estate) we chose to focus on quality in the service we deliver by personal guidance. So no back office and/or every time an other realtor where you as a client have to deal with. Because of this the results of our sale and the customer satisfaction are better than average. For example, we are not a price fighter, we simply charge a fair and transparent rate.

Preparing for sale

It pays off if you invest time and money to prepare your home completely for sales. Fix the defects, do the overdue maintenance, tidy up mess, clean properly, take care of the garden, etc. I have made a an other blog about preparing your home for sales. Let someone make photos at a day that’s bright or sunny.

Activate your VvE (Association of home owners)

Are you selling an apartment? Make sure that the Association of Owners (VvE) is active.
A sleeping VvE purchasers can’t or hardly get financed. No worries, I will explain in this blog how you can activate the sleeping VvE and will give you handy file that can help you to do so.

Don’t set the asking price too high

Do NOT put the asking price too high. With an asking price that is too high, you run the risk that no or just a few viewers will attract and the home will be for sale for too long. If a home is not sold quickly in Haarlem, people think that something is wrong with the home and interest disappears.
You want to attract many viewers to a home that makes them enthusiastic. This effect actually pushes the price up. We do this by very meticulously determining the realistic market value of a home and then just slightly below the asking price.
An example: If we are going to sell a home with a market value of approximately € 380,000, we will recommend setting the asking price at € 375,000.


Don’t set the asking price too low

I regularly see that a property is placed unnecessarily low in the market by a real estate agent. Think of a home that is worth € 550,000 and which is then put on the market for € 500,000. The result is that all available viewing spots are fully booked within one day. This seems like good news, but you want as many viewers as possible with an appropriate budget and the willingness to bid as high as possible above the market value. The result is that you may have people who come by who are looking in a lower price range than the real market value of your home. And on a waiting list there are all people who WERE prepared to pay the market value for it.
So it is unwise and not fair as well for the people who took the time to come and look for a home that’s above their budget.

Bidding strategy

There are a lot of realtors that work with registration from the start. This means that all the viewers that are interested can make a one time bid before a set time and date. In most cases this is not smart.

Suppose your home has a market value of approximately € 475,000. The asking price is € 465,000. The purchase realtor of the first viewer immediately makes an opening bid of the asking price (this happens quite often). Everyone who comes after this will be told by the selling realtor that an opening offer has already been made and that they can only make a one-time final offer. This effect often ‘tricks’ purchasing realtors with their clients into making a very good final offer. Sometimes even a ‘knock out offer’ with a ‘time cap’. This means that an exceptionally good offer is placed far above the market value, subject to the condition that the offer is valid for a short period (for example: only that day).

People do this because the Amsterdam bid system provides this opportunity and often ‘provokes’ it. The bidder with his exceptionally good offer buys away all possible competition. He is willing to pay more than the market price, as long as other viewers do not get a chance to do anything on the following days. A very hard and for the other viewers annoying approach, but it often results in much better sales revenue.

When you sell a home with a registration, you are less likely to get this price-increasing effect. It’s very rude if you tell all parties that it is a registration and everyone has until next Friday noon to bid and then you suddenly sell the house earlier.

I would always start with an Amsterdam bidding system and then you can always convert this during the sales process to a registration if it appears that knock out bids are not made.
With ‘knock out bids’, homes can easily exceed the market value for more than 10%.

Sale presentation

Make sure you have

  1. Professional photos without unnecessary close-ups
  2. Maps
  3. Measuring report
  4. 360 degrees photos
  5. A home video
  6. Good texts for sale

We let points 1 till 5 be handled by Object&Co

No close-ups

It irritates me when I see homes on Funda where the photographer has made close-ups of styling details. Such as a Buddha statue or a decoration piece. I wonder what is for sale: the home or the Buddha statue. People who want to buy a house know very well what they want and what is important to them. These kinds of close-ups do not focus on the home, but on the things and I think that is very unwise.

No sugarness

We always write the sales text in a clear no-nonsense format. We DO NOT do sugary texts. I regularly read something like this:
“Can you see yourself sitting here? Delicious with a glass of rosé on the roof terrace with your loved one watching the sunset… ‘.

Horrible! Do not do this. If a real estate agent describes a home with these kinds of things, I immediately think that something is wrong with that home because of the sugarcoating. Think about what you pay attention to when you search for homes on Funda. What do you click on first and what do you look at? The photos, the maps, the video and you first scan the text in outline. It must read well and pleasantly. This should provide you with the most important information about the property within a few seconds.

Choose reliable purchasers

It’s nice if someone wants to pay you € 50,000 above the market price for your home. But can he also afford it? If he offers without reservation of funding, he probably does. But if he offers this with a full funding reservation, then this becomes difficult. There is a good chance that the appraiser will not value the home at this exceptionally high purchase price. The result is that a financing request for this purchase price is refused at a bank and the purchase is canceled.

But even if it is without reservation of financing, then as a selling broker I also want to gain the confidence that the purchaser can afford it. If he does not know at all what he is doing and soon gets into trouble so that he cannot pay for the home, then we are entitled to compensation of 10%, but only if they have that kind of money. We always scan the prospective buyers very well and give our clients extensive advice on which party is the best buyer in our opinion.

More tips?

If you have plans to sell your home and if you need more tips and information, please call or whatsapp me.

Floris van Kuijeren, Register Makelaar Taxateur bij VK Makelaars and Taxateurs