You want to sell your property but how can you choose a good real estate agent?

How do you know who is the best broker to sell your property?

Find the best, not the cheapest
The first tip is: don’t look for the cheapest realtor. Do look for the best realtor. The best realtor goes for the maximum sales result, is professional and guides you smoothly through the entire sales process. There is nothing wrong with an internet broker where you pay just a little bit of what the traditional realtor charges, but it will cost you a lot of work, care and emotion, and you have to be skilled in that and also able to withstand it.

Branch organization
Always go for a broker who is affiliated with one of the following trade organizations/professional associations:

  • NVM – Dutch Association of Estate Agents
  • VBO – Association of Real Estate Agents
  • VastgoedPro – Professional Association for Real Estate Professionals

Not only do you opt for quality, but the most important argument is that these organizations have a disputes committee. You can appeal to these independently operating committees when there is disagreement or there are disputes. Most realtors are affiliated with 1 of these 3 organizations. To see if a realtor is connected, you often see directly on the website of this realtor, on a logo of 1 of these 3 organizations.

Ask acquaintances for experiences
Ask people in your network who have recently sold their home or just bought a home for experiences. Very often this results in an important selection of realtors to choose from.

Look at homes that are sold in your area
Has the house of your neighbours or people in the neighbourhood just been sold? Call them and ask for their experience. Ask what they think of the realtor’s sales result. Did he get the best out of them, did he really do his utmost, what was the communication like, what was his expertise and would they recommend him to you?

A real estate agent who has just sold to you in the street, neighbourhood or apartment building knows the neighbourhood, the property and, if all goes well, still has a whole clientele of viewers looking for a property in your immediate area.

Look at reviews and experiences
View here on Funda for the reviews and experiences of realtors in your area. You can also look at

Make a selection and choose
Invite 2 or max 3 real estate agents to your home for a no-obligation sales meeting, to make a free valuation of your home and to make an offer. Also ask if they can give examples of recent transactions (sales) in your area. Assess the sales proposals you receive, the values ​​they have issued, the costs and most importantly: go by your feelings and intuitions. Which realtor did you experience the most pleasant way to start this sales process?