Are you having a hard time to purchase a home successfully? Did you make an offer a couple of times, but without success? What can you do to purchase a home successfully?
I will tell you my 10 GOLDEN tips to purchase a home successfully!

Tip 1 – Financial
Make sure you visit a mortgage advisor and that he/she will be ready to work on your behalf when there is an offer that’s accepted.

Tip 2 – Purchase realtor
Always hire a purchase realtor with good reviews or one that’s recommended by friends/family. In most cases it’s a fact that selling realtors prefer dealing with viewers that bring a purchase realtor with them.

Tip 3 – Looking for a home on the right way
To start: STOP searching and DO NOT use search filters! If you start searching on Funda for the existing offer, this has often already been sold, but it is not yet listed as sold on Funda. Search filters are killing. You miss out on excellent homes because of this. Set up an automatic search on Funda or with your NVM purchase realtor. Filter only by location and the maximum price. No more. No minimum living space, minimum number of bedrooms, central location or whatever.

Tip 4 – Speed and flexibility
Every morning when you and your partner are having breakfast, you look at the email you have received with new housing matches. Look through it and immediately inform your purchasing realtor which properties appeal to you. Speed ​​is the keyword. If you do not do this right in the morning, you are often (in many regions such as Haarlem) really too late.
So you contact your realtor DIRECTLY and ask him/her to book a viewing for you. The more flexible you can be for the viewings, the greater the chance of success.

Tip 5 – Don’t get crazy
When you enter a house, let your own feelings speak first. Do not be directly guided by a realtor. Ok, you always get an intro from the selling realtor with information first. But after this: look around YOURSELF at your leisure and listen carefully to your feelings and the first impression you get. Your first feeling is often right. Many people first allow themselves to be guided too much by others without being able to form an opinion themselves. But YOU are the one who has to live here! Only after this is the opinion of a realtor, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or parent important. If you are my client, I first want to see if I see a sparkle in your eyes and if so, then I will really go through the practical, architectural and legal aspects with you.

Tip 6 – Asking price does not exist
The asking price is very often completely separate from the market value of a home. In our region (Haarlem), homes are almost standard offered a lot below the market price in order to attract so many viewers who subsequently push up the price.

Tip 7 – Trust your purchase realtor
An example from practice. I may advise you to make an offer like € 221,000 on an apartment that is for sale for € 195,000. Do you not believe me? See tip 6: the asking price does not exist. I recently gave this advice to a client. It was an apartment of which 3 of that exact type had just been sold for around € 220,000. However, the asking price was only € 195,000. There were (for this reason) more than 80 candidates. As a purchasing realtor, I will not just advise to outbid € 26,000 if there is no reason to do so or if the house is not worth it.

Tip 8 – Don’t be scared to make decisions
The question is not whether you want to purchase that house. The question is whether you are enthusiastic enough to start bidding on this property. There is a big difference. It is quite normal in our region (Haarlem) that there are 80 candidates for 1 house, 40 viewers and 20 candidates who will make a bid for this. With a purchasing realtor you increase your chances enormously, but we have to remain realistic: we have 19 competitors. Statistics and experience have shown that we will have to bid a few times. It is of course very strange and stupid that for so much money you have so little choice and so little time to choose. I can’t make this any more beautiful than it is, but it’s the most honest way  to describe what we deal with every day as a realtor.

Tip 9 – Use your financial position
Sales realtors don’t look at the highest bid. They look at the highest bid in combination with the best conditions. Often a bid with a limited or even no financial reservation is more attractive than the highest bid. Therefore, check whether you can limit the amount of the financial reservation. The most favorable bidding is without financial reservation. This can often be with a parent as guarantor or if there is a lot of equity from the current home. Most people do not have this luxury, but can often limit the reservation of financing. For example, they buy a house of € 450,000 with a financial reservation over € 400,000. They can do this because together they have € 70,000 in savings that they could add in the worst case.

Tip 10 – Deal quickly
Deal quickly. You bought a house, or so you thought. After the weekend you will receive a call from the realtor. The house was sold to someone else while you bought it.
Is that possible? Yes.
Does it happen often? Yes, more than you think.
How is that possible? The written requirement applies: without signatures there is no purchase.

That is why it is important that the seller has signed the purchase contract as soon as possible. After this, he can’t sell the house to someone else for a number of days (often 5 working days).
But speed is also important after this. If we purchase a house for our clients, we will arrange the same day:
-that the selling realtor has everything to prepare the deed of sale
-that the construction inspection is scheduled
-that an appraiser is sent (this is necessary for financing)
-that a notary will be hired

So much for the 10 golden tips. Good luck with the search for your new home!