Below you will find an indication of the costs involved in purchasing your home.
What is striking is that many websites give too rosy a picture of the costs. A real estate agent does not cost € 2000 and a notary does not cost € 500 (source: Hypotheker website). These are rates that do not occur in real life in most regions. An important advice from practice: include costs well in your budget.

Below you will find an overview of the indicative and most common costs. We make a distinction between costs that you actually always have, costs that you have optional and costs that really depend on the situation.

Cost item: Always? Indication costs: Tax-deductible?
Mortgage brokerage costs Yes Between € 3000 and € 6000 Yes
Costs for National Mortgage Garantee Optional 0.7% of the total mortgage amount. Yes
Purchase broker Optional Between € 3000 and € 7000 No
Taxation Yes Between € 800 and € 1000 Yes
Tecnical inspection Optional Ca. € 400 No
Bank guarantee Optional Ca. € 275 No
Notary fees Yes Between € 1200 and € 1500 Partly
Interpreter at notary Mandatory if the buyer does not speak Dutch Ca. € 275 No
Transfer tax Yes 2% of the purchase price No
Rebuilding costs Optional Depends entirely on the home and wishes. Yes via building depot
Unforeseen expenses Yes With every home, even new construction, there are always unforeseen costs. Advice: keep at least 1 , 5 % of the purchase price in cash for this. No

A cost example from practice
An English-speaking customer has purchased a home of € 400,000. His total costs are as follows:

Broker costs Mortgage € 4,000
Purchase broker € 4,500
Appraisal report € 800
Tecnical inspection € 400
Notary € 1,300
Interpreter at notary € 275
Transfer tax € 8,000
Unforeseen costs (budget) € 6,000
Total: € 25,275

This article is purely indicative.In this article we take into account the most common costs.There are many more costs that can be associated with a home such as leasing out lease payments, building interest, et.Always inform yourself well with your mortgage adviser and / or broker.