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All worries off your hands with VK Makelaars

You only sell or buy a house a few times in your life. It is always a large amount of money and very much is involved. At VK Makelaars, we take care of everything for you and always ensure the best result. Do you need non-binding advice or would you like to spar? Call or email us immediately, we are ready for you.

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Phone: (0031) 023-2052296
Address: A. Hofmanweg 5A, 2031BH, Haarlem

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“In addition to his professional knowledge of the housing market, this realtor also scores high in personal contact, in his empathetic capacity, his respect for the client and his sales qualities. He knows what people find important when buying a home and therefore gets the highest possible result in selling a property. We could not have done better. ”

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“I am an expat and felt a bit lost with the system here. Floris was incredible at explaining both the system but also the insights behind best strategies to get the best price and a successful purchase. It’s rare to find charismatic doers like him who are also excellent at communicating and hold a wealth of experience like his. If you are looking to buy you need him!”
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“Very accessible, knowledgeable and helpful. This realtor thinks along with u based on our wishes and guides us from start to finish. We are very satisfied and happy with our first purchase, which is completed faster than expected. VK Makelaars is highly recommended.”
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“The purchase process with Floris was very nice; he thought along well throughout the process. He was able to be present at every viewing and then really took the time to discuss the house extensively with us. Floris was always easily accessible, both by telephone and by email. e-mail and communication was very accessible. Floris is enthusiastic, but also critical where necessary. And most importantly: we have been able to purchase a great house with the help of him! We would certainly recommend others to work with Floris. ”

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“Floris was a wonderful real estate agent. We joke that we were likely his quickest clients ever (he negotiated the deal we found within 4 calendar days), but that didn’t stop him from working his hardest on our behalf. He got us a great deal on a house, helped us with all of the details, and was very easy to get in contact with. He reminded us of all important details, connected us with a mortgage advisor and a notary and made everything happen smoothly and on time.
One other thing to know about Floris is that he helps you out with his large network of other service providers. Floris has helped us find a chimney sweep for our new place by asking around! This, to me, shows his upmost commitment to helping your family get perfectly settled in your new place while removing a lot of the barriers to doing that.
Honestly we couldn’t recommend Floris more highly to anyone considering buying in Haarlem. ”
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“Floris turned out to be a competent and reliable broker. He is always ready to help in case of difficulties and to advise the best way out.”
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“Realtor Floris van Kuijeren has done more than you would expect from a broker to sell our house. Communication and services are clear and very good. This broker is definitely worth their charges in selling your house and we can definitely recommend this broker. “

“I am very happy with the professional way in which the real estate agent has sold my house. I would absolutely recommend them to someone who is looking for a good real estate agent.”

“Excellent contact with very enthusiastic brokers who respond quickly to questions and / or comments. Beautiful photos and plans have been made for the brochure and on Funda for a very reasonable price”

“The contact was very pleasant. A young office with young enthusiastic and very expert people, who are happy to guide you well. Definitely recommended both for the purchase and sale of your house”

“Top service! The real estate agent has advised and guided us perfectly. All praise to him. And we certainly pass it on to other people who want to sell their house in Haarlem.”

“Floris from VK Makelaars helped us very well in negotiating the house we wanted. We were able to find a nice house ourselves, but to get it is not easy in this market. Floris was on top of everything, constantly letting us know how things were going and advising us on the strategy successfully. We definitely recommend using VK Makelaars if you are looking for a house !! ”
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“We were looking to buy a house for over a year and we finally found a house that we fell in love with. After a lot of e-emails and calls with the house owners it seemed it would be difficult and negotiations were falling apart. That’s when we were lucky enough to contact Floris van Kuijeren. He was incredibly fast, diligent and pleasant to deal with. He gave honest advice, even if it wasn’t what we wanted to hear (which is extremely refreshing!). He handled everything perfectly. We can’t recommend Floris enough. Thanks to him, we went from a situation where a completed sale was a dim possibility to us having our first BBQ in our new home.”

“Bought a house within a week. After a quick action by our real estate agent Floris, we had 2 viewings within a week. The second house was prefect for us. After good and quick consultation, the house was bought below the asking price. Negotiations between us, the broker and the selling party went very easily. Our broker had a short line with other brokers and other professionals, such as our mortgage advisor, the appraiser and the structural inspector. Quickly arranged and therefore able to purchase quickly. “

“VK Makelaars helped us with buying our first house. We got this broker tipped by friends who were very satisfied. It turned out to be a golden tip, because from start to finish (over a period of over 3 months) Floris helped and guided us in a professional way. Because it was our first house we had a lot of questions, Floris took the time to make sure everything was clear, as a result we were able to buy our house for the price we had in mind, so we are very satisfied ! ”
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“Floris was very professional, friendly and helpful. During and even after the sale we could always contact him with questions. Which was very nice, since this is our first home.”
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“Floris from VK Makelaars did a great job! Found my dream house and also obtained it for a strategic price. Floris is clearly informed, shows initiative, is helpful and above all honest and direct. I have already advised VK Makelaars to several friends and colleagues. Where the first friend has already bought a house with the help of Floris. After this purchase, Floris also sold my current house for a very nice price. I recommend it! ”
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“Expert, helpful, and cooperative! A very smooth cooperation throughout the sales process, highly recommended!”
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“We already knew Floris from the purchase of our new house and because it was very pleasant, we also asked him to sell our old house. This was once again a perfect experience. In the preliminary phase, Floris took us into all considerations regarding strategy and asking price. He works with a good photographer who really goes for the perfect picture. Floris knows the market and the brokers in the area very well, so he was able to act quickly and clearly when we decided to see. The selling price of our home and the end result was more than great. Floris is an energetic, passionate real estate agent with both feet on the ground, an absolute must! ”
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“After Floris successfully helped me with the purchase of my dream home, I also entrusted him to sell my current home. Happy, because it went just as well. Floris arranged many viewings and also took the time to let everyone visit. VK Makelaars are great people and I would do business with them again in the future. ”
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“Communication with the broker was very good, partly because he was always available and responded quickly via both e-mail and WhatsApp. The cooperation was also good, considerably better than my expectations, it was pleasant and familiar. My expectation was more businesslike, even cold, relationship. In this case, however, it was a professional and pleasant cooperation. A double check was carried out on everything and you were kept informed of the progress. This allowed me to really trust the broker. A broker who fights and does their utmost for you. I recommend everyone to cooperate with VK broker. An honest and very trusted broker. ”

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