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All worries off your hands with VK Makelaars

You only sell or buy a house a few times in your life. It is always a large amount of money and very much is involved. At VK Makelaars, we take care of everything for you and always ensure the best result. Do you need non-binding advice or would you like to spar? Call or email us immediately, we are ready for you.

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Phone: (0031) 023-2052296
Address: A. Hofmanweg 5A, 2031BH, Haarlem

Our location

Full service rental guidance

Let us help you find your new home. We know our way around and know to get the best homes and the best deals.

How it works:

Plan a call or meet face-to-face

First we schedule a call to inventise your wishes and tell you more about the way it works. If you’re enthousiastic, we go and start searching for rental properties immideately.

Search for properties

We’ll start searching for suitable rental properties for you. In most cases, we’ll send you a selection of the properties we found and we’ll ask you to take a look at our selection.

Arrange viewings

We will arrange viewings with the properties you like(d) most.

Get the best deal

We’ll negiotiate the best possible deal and help you provide the estate agent all the neccesary paperwork.

Review legal documents

We’ll scan the rental contract, the housing rules, terms&conditions and invoices and we’ll go throught this with you so you know exaxtly what is is your signing for.

Arrange utilities

We will help you to get set up with:

  • Internet
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity

And we do that with getting you the best possible deal and get connected with all this utilities without delivery time (get connected right away).


We charge a one-off fee of 1 month rent + VAT with a minimum of € 1500 + VAT. (VAT stands for Value Added Tax and means there will be 21% tax charge added to the 1 month of rent). We work ‘No Cure No Pay, meaning, no suitable rental property found for you = no costs for you.

Request this service:

Call us now on 023-2052296 or request a free call via the button below:

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