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All worries off your hands with VK Makelaars

You only sell or buy a house a few times in your life. It is always a large amount of money and very much is involved. At VK Makelaars, we take care of everything for you and always ensure the best result. Do you need non-binding advice or would you like to spar? Call or email us immediately, we are ready for you.

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Address: A. Hofmanweg 5A, 2031BH, Haarlem

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Selling your property

Full service sales guidance. The best result at the best price!

The moving plans are made….

You want to sell your property for the best price and you want maximum support for the whole process. You don’t like fuss, nice talk and obscurity. You are looking for a reliable broker with good references who always keeps their appointments. You want to know exactly what the costs are in advance and you absolutely do not want any surprises afterwards.

Welcome to VK Makelaars! We love being CLEAR, TRANSPARENT and getting the BEST RESULT. You will know with us that A DEAL = A DEAL. And the costs? We use fair and competitive rates which are usually below the prices of other providers.

Shall we make an appointment to visit your home? We will come to discuss your requirements and give you clear advice on how to sell your home with no problems and at the best price. During this visit we make notes about your home and we take measurements.

Shortly after the visit you will receive a tailor-made sales proposal from us with a professional valuation, our sales approach and our costs. This is of course completely free of charge and without obligation.

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This is how we work when selling your property

1. Property assessment and valuation

We will visit you, get acquainted, measure the house, record the house characteristics and work out a sales proposal for you. Here you will also find our valuation and our costs for the sale. This is of course completely free of obligation and free of charge. You will receive our proposal by email within approx. 2 working days. If you agree with our proposal, you will receive an “Assignment for Services” which you can easily sign digitally.

2. The purchase check in

Professional sales photos are taken and the house is measured in accordance with the NEN2580 measurement instruction. There are also 360-degree photos and a video tour. We do the latter to get a higher ranking on Funda. If desired, we can also make a 3D tour in the house and / or record a video for social media. We will also collect all the information you have about the property. For example the maintenance and renovation history, defects, details, neighbors, what is and what is not sold with it, etc. We want to get to know your home as well as possible in order to be able to inform interested parties as well as possible and to answer all the questions out there.

3. Research

We do a deep analysis and research of all information “behind the scenes”. We request a soil report, research the construction archive if necessary, scan for easements, qualitative stipulations and other details and in the case of an apartment building, we screen the entire Owners Association (deed of division, minutes, maintenance plan, budget, etc.). We ensure that we are aware of all important matters, so that we include them in the sales brochure, inform viewers and answer questions about the property.

4. Presentation

We will write a catchy advertising text for Funda and the brochure. All the information on the house is included, the photos, video, floor plans and the measurement report are processed and everything is combined into an attractive and legally watertight presentation for Funda, other housing websites and the sales brochure.

5. Live

Your property will be put live on and other platforms (,, MVA, etc). The property is also brought to the attention of our website, social networks and fellow brokers. Searchers who have a “match” will be advised by by email.
In addition, we place our striking’ For Sale’ sign at the house.

6. Viewings

We schedule the viewings at times that have been agreed with you. We even have viewings in the evenings or weekends if that suits you. Every viewer is guided by us and the important properties of the house and the sale are highlighted. We think along with viewers and advise them in such matters as permits, architectural adjustments, renovations, state of affairs regarding the bidding process, the mortgage, the notary, etc. We take sufficient time to help every interested person , to inform them properly and completely. We give them the opportunity to view the house. We think that we need to change the sales strategy, then we advise you directly.
Viewers who have been in your home will be called by us. For example, follow-up viewing will be scheduled, all documents will be sent and all questions will be answered. We leave nothing to chance.

7. Follow-up

Viewers who have been in your home will be called by us. For example, follow-up viewing will be scheduled, all documents will be sent and all questions will be answered. We leave nothing to chance.

8. Negotiating and finalizing the sale

We conduct negotiations on your behalf and we always aim for the best possible result!

You remain in control. We will present you with the offer (s) that have been made, advise you and give you the final choice.

If the house has been sold, we will process all agreements neatly and we will make sure that the deed of sale is watertight. We will go through this purchase deed article by article and it will only be signed when everything is clear.

9. Other extras

We will be present at the technical inspection and the visit of the appraiser.

We closely monitor the terms/obligations that the buyers (might) have such as the 3 day ‘cooling down period’, paying the deposit and any financial (mortgage) conditions.

We check the deed of delivery and the invoice, and we check whether everything is in order for the transfer.

10. Notary and finalization

We guide you during the inspection of the house, we take the meter readings and we ensure that everything runs smoothly. Then we assist you with the transfer of the house at the notary.

And then the time has come to congratulate you!

And…. In the unlikely event of any problems or questions or advice after the transfer, we are still at your service!

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