This is one of the most PROSPEROUS municipalities in our country.

The MUNICIPALITY was in 5th place in the Netherlands when it comes to the HIGHEST income per household. In addition, it is also NUMBER 3 when it comes to BEST place to live. Heemstede is located against the SOUTH SIDE of HAARLEM and is therefore easy to reach by BIKE, bus, car and even train.

The city is equipped with every convenience. There are several shopping streets, supermarkets, PRIMARY SCHOOLS, sports clubs, a CHILDREN'S FARM and even several secondary schools. The estate Groenendaal is located in a well-known walking forest in the area and there is also the Linnaeushof for CHILDREN, which is the largest PLAYGROUND in Europe!

Heemstede heeft veel mooie en hoge HERENHUIZEN, maar ook genoeg rijtjeswoningen, 2-onder-1-kapwoningen en eengezinswoningen. Voor ieder wat wils zou je kunnen zeggen. Net als in Haarlem is er een grote DOORLOOP in huizen en zijn de prijzen daar ook naar. Vooral omdat de huizen vaak GROTER zijn dan bijvoorbeeld in HAARLEM is de gemiddelde VRAAGPRIJS beduidend hoger in Heemstede.


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