Independent advice

Professional advice from our realtor based on a consultation

For anyone who gets stuck with something about real estate.


Do you run into something and do you need help? Then you can hire us for a consultation. We started offering this service at the request of our customers. It often happens that people want independent advice independently of their own broker. Or because they only need advice and not so much a full service broker.

When could you hire us?
Some examples of cases where we are hired for to provide advice:

  • You have just bought a house, but still have doubts whether it was a smart decision
  • You are in the process of selling your house with a real estate agent, but things are not going well. What can you do?
  • You have several offers from real estate agents, but do not know which one to choose.
  • You have to make a very important decision to buy or sell and you need to get independent advice in addition to your own realtor.
  • You need advice on setting up, managing or activating your Home Owners Association
  • You have questions about your purchase agreement or need to have it checked.
  • You have bought a house that turns out to be much smaller than stated.
  • You need advice about tenants, rental contracts, rental points, or otherwise.
  • And many more situations

Our certified Realtor can be engaged on an hourly basis for independent advice. The consult can take place at our office in Haarlem or anywhere in the world via Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp video. Contact us via the button below or call the office +31 (0)23-2052296. We can then immediately indicate whether we can help you and what the costs are for this consultation.


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