Floris van Kuijeren


About Floris

Floris is a realtor, appraiser/valuer and also owner of the VK Real Estate Agency. A real entrepreneur in heart and soul. He’s litteraly always reachable and made sure that the VK Agency is not a 9 to 5 office. He’s an experienced winner and will work until late at night if that’s what’s necessary for his clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s looking into a contract or making an offer at the last moment. He doesn’t lack on experience and is a real go-getter.
Floris is raised in Velsen. After that he lived a while in the Leidsebuurt in Haarlem and since the beginning of 2020 he lives in Overveen. He’s a proud family man and likes to take care of his 2 sons and girlfriend. But most of the time it’s during work. Because that’s what’s on his mind all day.
Words to describe Floris best: service oriented, practical, effective, stubborn and always has the goal in sight.