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All worries off your hands with VK Makelaars

You only sell or buy a house a few times in your life. It is always a large amount of money and very much is involved. At VK Makelaars, we take care of everything for you and always ensure the best result. Do you need non-binding advice or would you like to spar? Call or email us immediately, we are ready for you.

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Phone: (0031) 023-2052296
Address: A. Hofmanweg 5A, 2031BH, Haarlem

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Full Service purchase guidance

Courtage volledig op basis van no cure no pay

Als aankoopmakelaar verdienen wij onszelf altijd dubbel en dwars terug. We kunnen namelijk slim onderhandelen en veel gerichter bieden. Met onze professionele aankoopbegeleiding gaan wij onbeperkt met u mee naar woningen die u aanspreken. We brengen de juridische en bouwkundige aspecten in kaart, voeren we een slimme onderhandeling en begeleiden we u van A – Z in het gehele aankoopproces. Dit is onze meest gekozen aankoopdienst. Deze dienst is volledig op basis van no cure no pay. Dus geen woning gekocht = geen makelaarskosten. Benieuwd naar de kosten voor uw zoekvraag? Vraag dan een offerte bij ons aan via onderstaande knop.

We make an offer based on your wishes!
This is how it works:

1. Search interview

We start with a search interview at our office in which we clearly map out your wishes. We then create a search profile, with which we will search for homes for you.

2. Schedule viewings

We schedule the viewings of homes that you like and that suit you. As a broker, we often get a better viewing position than searchers without a broker.

3. Viewings

We will visit the house together. Sometimes you go and see for yourself the first time, depending on how quickly the house is likely to be sold, how interested you are and / or how the agendas are running. If we do not come the 1st time and you are enthusiastic about the house, we will ALWAYS come along with the 2nd viewing.

4. We map out the house

During and after the viewing we map the legal and architectural aspects of the house and provide you with professional advice.

5. Valuation and bidding

We make a valuation of the house, prepare a targeted bid and (after consultation with you) we negotiate to purchase the house successfully. No house bought? No brokerage fees.

6. Purchase deed guidance

We check the deed of purchase for you in the smallest details and go through this with you together. Only when everything is clear to you will we draw these.

7. Linking to third parties

We help you with the choice of notary, technical inspection and valuation.
We are in direct contact with the best parties for this. We are also present at the technical inspection.

8. Time monitoring

We monitor the terms of the deposit and the resolutive conditions.
We also check the invoice (from the notary) and the deed of delivery for you.

9. Support

We are there for you during the entire process with support and advice. (In practice we notice that this is usually needed a lot.)

10. House inspection and notary

On the day of delivery, we will guide you through the home inspection and check whether everything is in order. If something is not in order (happens regularly), we ensure that it is resolved. After the inspection, we assist you with the transport at the notary.
You can still call us after the key transfer if you have any questions, advice or problems.

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