Negotiations help

We make a quotation based on your wishes!

Brokerage based on no cure no pay

For everyone who exactly knows what they want, but only need help with closing the deal. You will find your own dream home and we will help you with a tactical purchase that’s successful! If we purchase a home, we will help you with checking the contract and we will give you advice with everything that comes with it (architectural checkup, appraiser, financing, etc). During the process we will stay your advisor at all times. This service is based on no cure no pay. So if you don’t purchase a home = no costs for the realtor.

Attention: We will NOT join you with the viewings and can’t advise you on the architectural and legal aspects. It’s just about the negotiations.

This is how our negotiations guidance works


1. You found your dream home

You do this with a regular homewebsites like Funda.

2. You will view the home by yourself

Are you enthusiastic and you want to go for it, then you contact us and tell us the situation.

3. Valuation and bid

We make a valuation of the home, prepare the bid for you (talk it over with you) and we’ll handle the negotiations to purchase the home with success. Didn’t purchase a home? No brokerage.


4. We'll be there for you

We check the contract and we can help you with choosing a notary, architectural examination and appraisel. We will stay your adviser along the whole process whenever you have a question or need advice.

Are you ready to purchase your dream home?

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