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No perfect match – No fee. No sign up fee – Simply results! 

Full service rental guidance. We help you find your perfect rental property by taking the time get to know you and get a good understanding of your needs and requirments. We then utilise our expansive network to find you the right match tailored to your timeline. For us, the deal isnt done until we have guided you through the full process, bespoke to each client, and deliver you into your dream home. We pride ourselves on making the process stress free and sometimes fun! All you need to do is know what you want, trust us and give us a call! And if you dont know what you want, just give us a call and let us help you draw up your dream!

This is the way it works


1. Meet each other

First we plan a free of charge intake. We make an inventory of your wishes and your rental budget. We will tell you the possibilities, available homes and detail the way we work. When you are ready you give us the green light and we start the search straight away…

5. Negotiations

We conduct the negotiations to ensure we secure the best deal possible for you. When the deal is done, we help you with gathering the necessary documents for the landlord.


2. Quick scanning of the documents

We kindly ask you to send to info@vkmakelaars the following documents:

a) Your current work contract
b) The last 3 payslips (if available)
c) A photo of your ID/residence permit (preferably in jpeg)

6. Checking the contract

We check the rental contract and all the other legal documents. We will read this thoroughly with you, so you know where you put your signature under.


3. The property search

We undertake a thorough search using our vast network to find the right match to your requirements. We send you a selection of the homes, including any wildcards which we think could work, to ensure that you can make a fully informed decision. You tell us which properties you are interested in or if we should adjust the search criteira, we evolve the search bespoke to your needs.
We will also advise you on how to create an alert on specific websites, so you can also receive alerts of new properties and send us the links to the ones that interest you the most.


7. Connecting the services

We can also help you (if needed) with arranging:

  • Internet
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity

We’ll help to make sure that it’s all up and running for your moving date.

4. Planning viewings

We will schedule viewings at the homes you are interested in. We then arrange the viewings for you, with you or on your behalf (COVID complaince is key). We provide a number of ways to view to be as flexible as possible for you..

These are the costs

We charge a onetime fee of 1 month of rent + 21% tax with a minimum of €1750 + 21% tax. There are no sign up costs, our fee only applies when we secure the right rental property for you.

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