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Full service renting guidance. We help you finding a suitable home for rent. We have the network, know what we have to look for and arrange everything on short term. You (almost) don’t have to do anything.

This is the way it works


1. Meet each other

First we plan a free of charge intake. We make an inventory of your wishes and budget you have to spend for rent. We will tell you the possibilities, available homes and the way we work. When you are enthusiastic, then we start right away with the search terms for you…

4. Negotiations

We arrange the negotiations and make sure you will get the best deal. When the deal is done, we help you with gathering the documents for the realtor who rents it out.


2. We look for homes for rent for you

We are going to look for suitable homes for rent that are a match with what you are looking for. We send you a selection of the homes for rent that suits you. You tell us which you are interested in.
We also instruct you on how to create an alert on specific websites, so you can also receive alerts of new properties and send us the links to the ones that interest you the most.

5. Checking the contract

We check the rental contract and all the other legal documents. We will read this thoroughly with you, so you know where you put your signature under.

3. Planning viewings

We will schedule viewings at the homes you are interested in. These homes we will view together. We try to book the viewings as effective as possible.


6. Connecting the services

We will help you (if needed) with arranging:

  • Internet
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity

We make sure you will get the best deal with the companies and that it’s in use when it has to be.

These are the costs

We charge a onetime fee of 1 month of rent + 21% tax with a minimum of €1500,- + 21 tax. This is completely based on no cure no pay. Didn’t find a suitable home means we don’t charge you anything.

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