Valuation report

Valuation report Haarlem

Valuation report: fast and no-nonsense


In most cases you need a valuation report if you’ve purchased a house. But also if you want to change your current mortgage or want to renovate. This report can only be prepared by a certified appraiser.

Fortunately, we have this in-house and we can prepare a validated and objective valuation report for you.

Our registered appraiser makes efficient use of the time in your home, to then draw up a reliable, independent and expert report with the information he needs.

– The state of maintenance
– The content and surface
– Degree of luxury and finish touch
– The construction, materials used and quality thereof
– The insulation and energy efficiency
– Obligations and rights, such as wayway and leasehold
– The zoning plan
– The market situation

The costs for an valuation report are app. €625,- per valuation, including vat.

If you engage us to appraise your home, your appraisal report also counts as voucher. If you need a Sales Realtor or Purchase Realtor at a later stage in life, then your valuation report is worth €300,-


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