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Affiliated with the VBO

VK Real Estate is affiliated with the VBO, association of realtors and appraisers.

The VBO is an active branch organisation with more than 1.200 involved entrepreneurs. To become a member of the VBO, you need to have your realtor diploma, keep your knowledge up to speed and need the certification. Thanks to multiple gatherings every year and obligated Permanent Education we will stay up-to-date about the real estate market. That’s so we can help our clients with the best quality and service that they expect. Members from the VBO can use a database with historical and current housing information. This information will make sure that a VBO-realtor can provide you with good advice, can explain it and is more sure during negotiations.

You can expect from your VBO-realtor that he/she is knowledgeable and will behave as a good contractor. With things like creating a sale advertisement, receiving potential purchasers or renters, doing negotiations in a correct way and point our certain risks. Do you have a complaint or is there a dispute between you and the realtor/appraiser? Then you can find help with the ‘Geschillencommissie Makelaardij’ (SGC) and the independent ‘Tuchtcollege Makelaardij Nederland’ (TMCNL). Next to that members of the VBO are obligated to insure themselves for damage by making mistakes. This is also in your best intrest. Want to know more about the VBO? Go to Together stronger, that’s what we stand for.

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