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Watch our vlogs detailing everything you need to know about buying a home here.

10 golden tips if you are going to sell your house

Sell your home for the very highest price with these 10 tips.

Online bidding explained simply

This is what online bidding looks like and these are the most commonly used online bidding methods.

How to write a review on Funda?

(How do you rate your real estate agent on Funda?)

10 golden tips to successfully buy a home

Time your WILL succeed in buying a home with these 10 tips!

The Dutch ‘purchase agreement’ explained

In this video we’ll explain the Deed of Purchase in English. simply explained

Get behind zoning and building regulations quickly and easily.

The transfer of ownership at the notary

Follow Eva as she turns the keys to her first home.

Go on a purchase tour with our broker

Check out Eva’s viewing with our buying agent.

Simple explanation of the purchase agreement

Bird’s-eye view through this stiff subject matter with Floris.

Tips on selling your home

What to look out for when selling your home

We are VK Makelaars

Small introduction to VK Brokers

How and what to do with a mortgage

In this vlog, we explain how and what is smart to do with a mortgage closing

Choosing a Realtor. Nice job!

Why mortgage advice first? Because your broker is going to ask you what the budget is!

Viewing houses

The moment you have seen some really nice ones on the Internet, you really have to go there. Then you also get a sense of the pictures you have seen.

Setting up a search/search alert on Funda

How do you make sure you are automatically emailed the latest homes from Funda?

Set up a Funda alert

How to receive the newest houses automatically in your inbox with a Funda alert?

VK brokers Haarlem, not exactly the stereotypical broker……

The no-nonsense real estate agent to sell, buy or rent your home!

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