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Negotiation help

We will provide a quote based on your requirements!

Brokerage entirely on a no cure no pay basis


For anyone who knows well what they want, but needs help to successfully make the deal. You find your dream home yourself and we are going to help you buy it smartly and successfully! If we have purchased a house, we will help you check the deed of sale and give you advice on all matters involved (structural inspection, valuation, financing, etc). Throughout the process, we remain your advisor. This service is entirely on a no cure no pay basis. So no house bought = no brokerage fees.

Please note that with this service we do NOT go with you to view the house and therefore cannot give you architectural or legal advice. It’s all about the negotiation.

This is how our negotiation guidance works


1. You find your dream home

You do this through the regular housing websites such as Funda.

2. You go to see the house yourself

If you are enthusiastic and want to go for it, then contact us directly and tell us what the position is.

3. Valuation and bidding.

We make an assessment of the value of the house, prepare a targeted offer and (after consultation with you) conduct the negotiations to successfully purchase the house. Didn’t buy a house? No brokerage fees.


4. We are here for you

We check the deed of sale for you and help you where necessary with the choice of notary, architectural inspection and valuation. We will remain your advisor throughout the process where you have questions or need advice.

What regions do we serve?


The uniqueness of VK Brokers is, is the fact that, as a buying agent, we offer support even outside our own region. We believe that everyone in the Netherlands has the right to a good and smart purchasing help and so we offer it!

    Click on a region near you below to get more specific information. An overview of our purchased homes can be seen here.


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