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Rental agency Haarlem and region

Letting your house with VK as rental agent Haarlem

Need a rental agent in Haarlem?


Are you looking for a rental agent in Haarlem and surroundings? You want to rent out your house or investment property and are looking for someone to take care of this completely? Then you have come to the right place at VK Makelaars!

As a rental agent in Haarlem, we have an extensive network. With this, we help potential tenants rent and manage properties in Haarlem region and surrounding areas. We offer an extensive network as well as optimal results. This way you are assured of the best rental yield!

So with us, you receive the best conditions. We will find suitable tenants for your house in Haarlem as soon as possible. We help landlords like you with:


The best rental yield


Reliable well vetted tenants


A watertight legal file


Advice and guidance throughout the process up to completion


If necessary, we can do the management for you

More info? Free advice? Contact us. At your service

This is how we work as a rental agent in Haarlem and region

1. Introduction and inclusion.

As a rental agent in Haarlem and surrounding areas, we will visit you and take stock of your requirements.

How long do you want to rent out your house, in what condition do you want to deliver it, do you have wishes about the type of occupants, what is all important to you?

We take in all the specific features of the house and determine the living area.

2. Valuation

Based on the recording, we are going to make a rental valuation for you. Here we look at reference properties, the condition, area, the facilities of the house, the demand and the target group, among other things. In consultation with you, we set the rent.

3. File

As a rental agent in Haarlem, we will prepare the rental file for you, including the rental point count, energy label, specifics of the house, buildings insurance and landlord checklist.

4. Advice and support rental readiness

It is important that your home is clean and it is attractively furnished or styled for presentation and, of course, viewings.

We advise you on the cleaning partners who can support you in this and on rental styling. A nice bedspread, a nice rug, plenty of daylight, a bunch of flowers, etc.

These are all things that can make the difference in winning over enthusiastic tenants.

5. Presentation

The house in Haarlem is put live on and other platforms (,, MVA, etc).

The house will also be highlighted on our website, social media and among fellow real estate agents. Seekers who have a “match” with the house receive all the information by email.

In addition, we place an eye-catching for rent sign at the house.

6. Viewings

In consultation with you, we determine when we can arrange the viewings. As a rental agent in Haarlem, we not only show the house to interested candidates, this is also a first introduction to prospective tenants, in which we already get a first idea of the profile.

7. Rent proposals and background check

We ask interested candidates to send us a rental proposal and include some documents (including copy of passport, employment contract, pay slip). We will present you with the candidates and advise you on the best choice(s).

After this we do a more thorough scan of the tenant in terms of BKR registration, WWFT law, the employer (check whether the person really still works there) and rent control Netherlands.

8. Rental Agreement

We will draw up the lease in accordance with the wishes and deadlines as we have previously agreed with you. We first submit these in draft form to you and then to the tenant. If both parties agree, then it can be signed.

9. Completion

If the tenant has neatly paid the deposit and the first rent, on the start date of the lease, the completion can take place.

In this process we make an extensive report of completion, the meter readings are noted, the inventory checked and we take many pictures of the current state of the house.

After the inspection report is signed by the tenant and by us, it will be sent directly to you and to the tenant.

10. Management

In addition to our service as a rental agent in Haarlem, you can possibly also engage us for the management Of your rented house. You then pay a percentage of the rent in management fees and you are completely relieved.

All communication with tenant goes through us and we arrange maintenance, disturbances, rent indexations, rent bills, arrears, key management, etc. More information on management can be found here.

Waterproof rental at VK as rental agent Haarlem

Costs rental agent Haarlem and region

The cost of our rental broker service in Haarlem and surrounding areas is 1 month’s rent excluding VAT.

These costs include start-up costs for;


Professional Photography


Registration fees rental platforms


Cost of background screening of rental candidates


Measurement report

Of course, any additional or less work is negotiable. For example, maybe you don’t want professional photography (less work) or maybe you just want us to do extra work such as (have) the house cleaned up, professionally decorated, etc (more work).

At VK Makelaars we take care of the entire process for both tenants and landlords in Haarlem and the surrounding area. In short, do you want to rent out your property in Haarlem and surroundings? Then request a free, no-obligation consultation. We are the right candidate to help you with this!


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