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Beach, open-air theater, sports, hotels, nature and stores…

You’ll find it all here. The most beautiful walks can be made through the dunes of Bloemendaal with the Hazenberg as a VIP point. From there you can make beautiful CUSTOM PHOTOS. Near the dunes is the WILHELMINAPARK, where you will find open air theater CAPRERA. Here BANDS such as Bluff, De Dijk and the Edwin Eversband play on a regular basis.

Unlike in Zandvoort aan Zee, you cannot LIVE in Bloemendaal aan Zee, but you can in the PLACE OF Bloemendaal. This is a somewhat REASONABLE and STILLER environment than the busy cities nearby. There are many beautiful villas, MEN’S HOUSES and detached houses. Partly because of this, it is very POPULAR among the seniors of our society.

Bloemendaal itself has a nice shopping street where you can find anything and everything. You can go there for the usual CLOTHING stores, but much more fun are the BOETICS that are full of UNIQUE stuff. In the same shopping street, BLOEMENDAALSEWEG, you can also visit several cozy HORECA businesses for a good cup of COFFEE in between shopping.


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