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Van Zeggelen neighborhood


This is a neighborhood consisting mostly of houses. Little fuss and clear construction style.

At FIETSAFSTAND of the center, this is a neighborhood that is especially popular among the FORENZEN of Haarlem, who work in Amsterdam. Via the A200 you can reach HALFWEG and AMSTERDAM within 20 minutes. The houses can often be somewhat DATED and in need of a good renovation. Therefore, the houses are slightly cheaper per m2 compared to neighborhoods like the Tree District.

Within just a few minutes you can walk into the beautifully landscaped BURGEMEESTER REINALDAPARK. There you can go for a nice pancake with the CHILDREN, but it is also a wonderful place to go running, walking or biking. SUMMER you can even take a dip in the FUIKPLAS there. Of course, you can do that in the winter, but we don’t recommend it.

Many young families live in this neighborhood. For them, therefore, there are several PROVISIONS within easy reach, such as SCHOOLS, the SPEELTUIN “The Parrot” and sports club DSK. Nearby you will find TWO STATIONS, central station HAARLEM and station HAARLEM SPAARNWOUDE. From those stations you can go in all directions.


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Buying or renting a house in the van Zeggelenbuurt area of Haarlem

Do you want to sell, buy or rent a house in the van Zeggelenbuurt area of Haarlem? The housing market in the van Zeggelen neighborhood of Haarlem typically has quick turnaround times. Houses are not for sale longer than 3 to 4 weeks and prices range from €3500 to €4750 per m2. The van Zeggelen neighborhood of Haarlem is very sought after by Amsterdammers, young couples and expats. There are also investors active who buy an apartment in the van Zeggelenbuurt to rent it out. Rental prices in the van Zeggelenbuurt vary between €1000 and sometimes €2000 per month excluding gas, water and electricity.

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