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Help with objecting to the rent commission

Help with rent commission objection for rent reduction

Are you renting a property and want to object to the Rent Commission?


Then a whole lot comes into play here. Something you yourself may not feel like doing at all. Our hiring agents can help you with this objection. We take this completely out of your hands and you only pay us on success. No success = no cost.


In the following situations, we can help you object to the Rent Commission

  1. You want a rent reduction because you are (probably) paying too much rent according to the rent point system
  2. You want maintenance defects to be fixed for once and/or want to be compensated in the rent (rent reduction) for the fact that the maintenance defects are (still) there
  3. You think you pay too much service charge
  4. Landlord raised rent by too high a percentage than allowed by law
  5. Rent was increased for an excessive amount after a remodel and/or improvement to the property by landlord


How does our rent commission objection service work?

  1. We first schedule a call where we go over the problem with you without obligation. If you leave your information here, or send us an email( we will contact you to schedule this call.
  2. In our call, we want to know from you which address is involved, how long you have been renting there and what exactly the problem is. Everything we discuss remains confidential.
  3. We will try right away to make a good estimate of the chances of success of a procedure with the Rent Commission and share this with you immediately. All of this costs you nothing and is completely non-binding.
  4. If you decide to instruct us to file the objection with the rent assessment commission on your behalf, we will first send you our ‘Order for service’ which you can easily sign online for approval along with an authorization form authorizing us to file the objection with the rent assessment commission on your behalf.
  5. Next, we want to receive the following from you: the signed lease agreement, the landlord’s information and any relevant supporting documents that are there. Consider photos of defects, communication with the landlord et. cetera.
  6. We are going to draft a letter of objection and submit it to the Rent Commission along with all relevant supporting documents.
  7. The Rent Commission may want to schedule a visit at the property itself. At least when it comes to a rent reduction due to not enough rent points. You need to be present for that yourself. The communication is otherwise simply through us.
  8. We are the point of contact for the Rent Control Commission throughout the process and monitor progress.
  9. We a ruling by the Rent Commission in your favor (and only in that case) we will send you an invoice for our service.


Frequently asked questions

Can the landlord terminate my rent if I object (through you) to the Rent Commission?

Short answer: no. You are well protected for that in the Netherlands.
Suppose you have a fixed-term lease somewhere that expires in a few months. If you then go and file an objection with the Rent Commission now, you can bet your ass that the landlord is not going to offer you a new lease after your contract expires. Fortunately, we know exactly how to tackle this and not get into trouble with it.

Until when can I take legal action against an overpayment of rent?

If you have an open-ended contract, you can only do so in the first 6 months of your lease. After that, no more. In most cases, however, people have temporary contracts of 1 or, say, 2 years. In those cases, you can raise the objection to a (potentially) excessive rent up to 6 months after a lease has become indefinite.

When does a lease become indefinite?

The remarkable thing is that you have an open-ended contract more often than you think. Here’s the thing: in order to get rid of a tenant, in the Netherlands you are always only allowed to give a tenant a contract of up to 24 months once. That can be a lease for, say, 6 months, 12 months, 16 months or 24 months, it doesn’t matter, as long as the max is 24 months. Has the lease expired and you reentered a fixed-term lease with the landlord? Then, according to Dutch law, that has immediately become a lease for an indefinite period of time (the fact that there is “certain time” in the contract no longer has any legal meaning). If you have been renting for longer than the lease you have but never received a new lease, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, you are already there immediately for an indefinite period of time. If you want to know whether objecting makes sense or not, just contact us.

I rent a property in the free sector. Is there any point in objecting?

You only rent in the free sector if that property really has enough rental points. If you
us and we know the property in question, we can probably already make a good assessment of whether that property is actually a free sector property or not.

What does this service cost?

You pay us only on a no cure no pay basis.
Upon success of the case, you pay us 25% of the amount we recover for you with a minimum of €1750, incl. VAT. How that works we explain below in 3 examples.

In a case for challenging service charges or a possibly unjustly increased rent, you simply pay a flat rate on success of €1750, including VAT.

At all times you have to pay the costs of the procedure of the rent commission á €25.

Example I
You are now paying €1250 in rent somewhere. You’ve been renting there for 12 months. You suspect that you are overpaying and turn to our objection service. We will win the rent commission case for you and the rent commission will reduce your rent retroactively to €750 per month. The landlord has to pay you back the overpaid rent (12 months x €500 overpaid rent) from the Rent Commission. So you earn €6000 back. Our fee is 25% of €6000 (=€1500) with a minimum of €1750. However, since our threshold amount is thus €1750, you owe us €1750.


Example II
You are now paying €1500 in rent somewhere. You’ve been renting there for 12 months. You suspect that you are paying too much and again turn to our objection service. We win the rent commission case for you again, and the rent commission retroactively reduces your rent to €750 a month. The landlord has to pay you back the overpaid rent (12 months x €750 overpaid rent) from the Rent Commission. So you earn €9000 back. Our fee is 25% of €9000 (=€2250).

Example III
The landlord suddenly increases your monthly rent by 9%. You want to challenge this and enlist our help. We will help you and win the case for you. You will then pay us a flat rate of €1750. If we don’t win, you won’t have a cost to us either.


Would you like to use our rent commission objection service?

If so, please leave your details via this contact form or send us an email at

We will then call you (with no obligation) within 1 business day and everything we discuss will remain confidential.

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