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Underneath you find the partners we like to work with and who we really can recommend to everyone.

Mortgage advisor

The chance you succeed with purchasing a home is also depending on a good mortgage advisor. A reliable partner that’s reachable at ALL TIMES, can work STRAIGHT AWAY, works FAST, finds the BEST DEAL and who will always have YOUR back. Poundwise is that partner. Guaranteed a middle man where we can insure for that they are good in what they do!

Sales styling

Sales styling is a good idea! The worth of your home can be increased with styling it in a good way. The sisters Merel en Martinthe of Kalter&Kalter are creative wonders if it comes to styling a home for sales (or renting out). They are fast, flexible, very client oriented and work with a goal. No-nonsens, but maximum result!

Comparing energy

A new home means a new contract for energy most of the times. Easyswitch is a great company where you can get an energy contract fast, easy and independent.

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