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Selling unsalable house? No problem!

Do you possess an unsellable house? In other words, have you had your house for sale for a while but can’t get it sold? Are you looking for a solution to sell an unsellable house quickly? Especially for these cases, we offer the “unsellable house sale” service. Here we explain to you what it is and how it works.

Selling home you can’t get sold

Through the “unsellable house sale” service, we are the full service sales broker and you get from us all the services you also get from our regular full service sales service. The difference is that we have an effective ‘game plan‘ to make your unsellable home successful to sell. We’ll give you a few examples of how we do that in a moment.

Increasingly, we are seeing homes for sale sometimes for several months and already changed in price several times, but without success. This can make sellers quite desperate, because often there is already another home and one has double burdens.


Our method of selling unsellable house

First, we make an appointment with the sellers. This may be at our office, at your home or we will do this via a (video) call. We are extremely flexible and we can do this at times most convenient for you (including evenings and weekends).

We do an important piece of preparation before that interview, analyzing recently sold comparable homes, market value and possible reasons why the home is not selling now.

In the conversation with you (and your partner), we will ask targeted questions to better identify where the sale is currently going wrong. But we also ask targeted questions in preparation for the improved house ad and improved listing text (for Funda).

Everything results in a no-nonsense plan on no more than one A4 page with a proposal on how we think we WOULD sell your home successfully. We will also name in this what our costs are. These are always on a no cure no pay basis, so you never have brokerage fees to us if we don’t sell the property.

All of the above is completely free and without obligation. The moment you give us your approval, then we will immediately start preparations and when everything is ready, then we will put the property up for sale.

Below we give you 2 real-life cases:

Case 1: unsellable house: Zwijndrecht

Sale property on the Kort-Ambachtlaan in Zwijndrecht

This property had been for sale for 6 weeks with no success.

After we were instructed to take over the sale, we asked the sellers to immediately withdraw the sales order in writing from their current selling broker and to send all media files (photos, floor plans and measurement report) digitally.

The reason this property did not run was because the listing text was not attractive at all and the asking price was a bit too high. But 1 thing was really not right and that was that a dining room was marked on the floor plan. We had the floor plan modified and called this dining room a “bedroom. This had given the house 1 extra bedroom.

We kept the property offline for 2.5 weeks to be out of the picture for a while and after this we listed it on fresh Funda and other housing websites. We clustered all the viewings at a set time which made the viewings seem busier than they actually were. We also employed a number of clever (legitimate) techniques during the viewings to maximize candidates’ willingness to bid.

The result: the house sold extremely well for an amount well above the asking price the previous sales agent had used.


Unsellable house in Zwijndrecht still sell thanks to VK Makelaars
Unsalable house in Amsterdam sold by VK Makelaars

Case 2: unsellable house: Amsterdam

Sale property on the Lizzy Ansinghstraat in Amsterdam.

This property had been for sale for about 2 months with a real estate agency known for charging stunt prices. The property had previously been sold verbally, but buyers had backed out. Interest from the market proved further out and no pro activity and creativity was shown from the selling broker.

We had an extremely comprehensive conversation with the seller and saleswoman and by asking the right questions beforehand, we were able to determine where the unique features of this home really lay and who the target market was.

After obtaining the sales order, we again immediately asked the sellers to withdraw the sales order from their previous sales broker in writing and to send all media files (photos, floor plans and the measurement report digitally.

Based on the unique property features and a good idea of the target market that we were able to glean from (especially) our conversation with the sellers, we created a completely new and catchy offer text. What we really added to this ourselves was by naming what the possibilities were in the home. For example, it lent itself well to creating more of a sense of space relatively easily by opening up the wall between the living room and kitchen.

In addition, we determined during our own showing that there were several maintenance deficiencies that were relatively easy to fix and – if fixed – would make the house look much better to viewers. With a mandate from our client in our pocket, we had all these maintenance problems fixed by 1 of our regular handymen for a few hundred euros.

Even with this property, we clustered all the viewings together to make it look busier than it actually was. On top of that, we again employed some (legitimate) clever techniques to maximize viewers’ bid readiness.

The result: the house sold extremely well for an amount that was an approximate equal to the asking price the previous sales agent had used.


Are you not getting your house sold either?

Could you also use some help selling an unsellable house? Then use the contact form to make an appointment with us.

It is completely free and without obligation.

Our process for selling your unsellable house:

gameplan of unsellable house sale

1. Discovering the problem and creating a "gameplan

We make an appointment with you (and your partner) at your home, in the home, at our office or just in a (video) call.
We will do this at a time that is most convenient for you. Sometime in the evening or on weekends is no problem.

Prior to this conversation, we will make an initial analysis of recently sold comparable homes, the realistic market value of your home and possible reasons why the home is not selling now.

In the conversation with you (and your partner), we will ask targeted questions to better identify where the sale is currently going wrong. But we also ask targeted questions in preparation for the improved house ad and improved listing text (for Funda).

Everything results in a no-nonsense plan on no more than 1 A4 page with a ‘game plan’ on how we think we WILL successfully sell your home. We will also name in this what our costs are. These are always on a no cure no pay basis, so you never have brokerage fees to us if we don’t sell the property.

Request such a non-binding 1st consultation

2. Transferring file / Collecting items.

We will help you withdraw the current sales order from the current sales broker and also to receive all relevant (media) files (photos, floor plans, pieces of the home) from your old sales broker. Don’t worry, we will never approach your current sales agent out of the blue. We will help you in the background to formulate the right instruction to close the file with the current sales broker without problems and get it transferred to you yourself.

If necessary, better sales photos will be taken again and the house will be measured in accordance with the NEN2580 measurement instruction. 360-degree photos (if not already in place) and a video tour will also be taken. The latter we do partly to get a higher ranking on Funda.

If so agreed, we will create a 3D tour of the house and/or record a video for social media. We are also going to gather all the information there is from you about the house to be able to present the information much more completely in the presentation and during viewings later. Consider the maintenance and remodeling history, defects, peculiarities, neighbors, what will and will not be sold with it, etc.

We want to get to know your home as well as we can in order to provide interested parties with the best possible information and answer any questions that may arise. So no half-measures, because that’s how you really sell a house!

3. Search

We do an in-depth analysis and research of all the information “behind the scenes. We request a soil report, dive into the building archives if necessary, scan for easements, qualitative clauses and other details and, in the case of an apartment building, we examine the entire HOA (divisional deed, minutes, MJOP, budget, etc). We make sure that we are aware of all the important issues so that we can take them into account in the sales brochure, inform viewers about them and answer questions about them.

New presentation to sell unsellable house anyway

4. Presentation

A new catchy offer text is written or the current offer text is rewritten. In it, all the features of your home are accurately included, the photos, video, floor plans and the measurement report are processed and everything is put together into an attractive and legally watertight presentation for Funda, other home websites, social media and the sales brochure. We will also take a critical look at the asking price together, whereby we will suggest to you with a 100% correct justification what the smartest asking price is to use. In the listing text, photos, floor plans and asking price often lies the greatest profit in being able to sell an unsellable house.

5. Live

The house is put live on and other platforms (,, MVA,, etc). The house will also be highlighted on our website, social media and among fellow real estate agents. Seekers who have a “match” with the house will receive the house by mail.
In addition, we place an eye-catching for sale sign at the house.

we plan the viewings in consultation with you

6. Viewings

We schedule viewings at times agreed upon with you. By arrangement, this can also be done in the evening or on weekends. Each viewer is shown around by us and the important features of the house and the sale are highlighted. We think along with viewers and advise them on issues such as permits, building modifications, renovations, course of action around the bidding process, the mortgage, the notary, etc. We take enough time to help every interested party, inform them well and give them sufficient opportunity to view the house in Haarlem. If we think we need to change the sales strategy, we will advise you immediately.

7. Follow-up

Viewers who have been in your house will be called by us. For example, follow-up viewings will be scheduled, all documents will be sent and all questions will be answered. We leave nothing to chance.

the negotiation and sale of the unsellable house we take on ourselves

8. Negotiate and finalize sale

We conduct the negotiations on your behalf, in which we go for the best possible outcome at all times!

You retain control. We will present you with the bid(s) that have come in, advise you and leave the choice up to you.

If your house in Haarlem is sold, we will put all agreements neatly and watertight in a deed of sale. We will go through the sales contract with you article by article and only when everything is clear will it be signed.

unsellable house

9. Other ancillary matters

We are present during any building inspection and the appraiser’s visit.

We closely monitor the terms of the cooling-off period, deposit and resolutive conditions.

We check the deed of delivery and the bill of account and verify that everything is in order for the transfer.

10. Notary and conclusion.

We will accompany you during the inspection of the house, take the meter readings and make sure everything goes smoothly. Then we accompany you in the transfer of the house at the notary.

And then the moment has arrived for us to congratulate you wholeheartedly!

And….should there be any unexpected problems or questions or advice needed after the transfer, we are still here for you!

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VK Makelaars stands for…

Clear and transparent

We like clear agreements and a transparent way of working. That way you always know where you stand and you won’t have any surprises.

Appointment = appointment

So that you can sleep with peace of mind during the buying or selling process. We make sure everything runs smoothly.

Personalized attention

During the sale or purchase of your fine home, you don’t want to take any chances. We know better than anyone what that’s like. That’s why we take all the time needed for our clients.

Not a sales factory

We work with a limited number of houses at a time. This allows us to take all the time necessary to achieve the best.

Fair rates

No high start-up costs or hidden brokerage fees. We are not a price fighter, but deliver the quality you expect at a fair price.

Free valuation

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Why choose VK?

Why do you choose VK Makelaars as your sales agent?

We are a small office and not a sales factory where you will be dealing with a different employee every time. With us you get maximum personal attention and service. You’ll find this in our reviews!

And the cost? We charge fair rates which are usually below the price level of other providers. We are happy to take over the headaches involved in selling your home. You can also contact us for a free valuation.

At VK Makelaars we will then record and measure your house, after which we will prepare a valuation and sales proposal for you. This is completely free and with no obligation. Also, you will have seen us right away and you can judge for yourself if you have a ‘click’ with us. After all, you choose a sales agent with your gut.

How do we guarantee the highest selling prices?

As a sales broker, we work with a limited number of homes at a time. This allows us to put a higher than average number of hours into each home or search.

When selling a house of 1 of our clients, we take all the time for the important things, such as the viewings. ‘Haste is rarely good‘ and we want every interested party to have ample time to see the property, ask questions and prepare their bids. We see that this leads to higher sales revenues.

Personalized counseling

You are engaged in the most important the most important sale of your life. Therefore, you don’t want to be a number in a card box, but rather be helped immediately when you call and get the support you need.

Our contact with customers is very close. We know all of our customers personally, and what’s more, we’re busy and available for you every day and evening. We are via phone, Whatsapp and email. Or of course at our office or together in the house.

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