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Selling your house in Hoofddorp

Selling your home in Hoofddorp is not hugely complicated in this market. Still, selling your house in Hoofddorp is something you don’t do every day so there are a number of points that can be a lot of work.

  • Sell your house in Hoofddorp at the best price
  • arranging all legally required documents and energy labels
  • Plan viewings and act on them
  • The transfer at the notary

In short, it is an awful lot of work and arranging this during your other work or activities can be very stressful. Maybe you even have a new home in sight, in which case there is obviously a lot to consider.

We would like to take this stress away from you and therefore advise you to consider the option of using a sales agent in Hoofddorp. This is because it specializes in the entire sales process.

All burdens will fall from your shoulders and you will be continuously informed about the entire process. We take over all the above mentioned points and you will be completely relieved during the whole sale of your house in Hoofddorp. At VK Brokers you get a personal broker who is available to you 7 days a week.

VK Makelaars stands for…

Clear and transparent

We like clear agreements and a transparent way of working. That way you always know where you stand and you won’t have any surprises.

Appointment = appointment

So that you can sleep with peace of mind during the buying or selling process. We make sure everything runs smoothly.

Personalized attention

During the sale or purchase of your fine home, you don’t want to take any chances. We know better than anyone what that’s like. That’s why we take all the time needed for our clients.

Not a sales factory

We work with a limited number of houses at a time. This allows us to take all the time necessary to achieve the best.

Fair rates

No high start-up costs or hidden brokerage fees. We are not a price fighter, but deliver the quality you expect at a fair price.

Free valuation

Curious about what your home will fetch in sales or rentals? We will visit you for a free, no-obligation valuation. Click here to request the valuation >

Our working method as sales agent in Hoofddorp

House recording and valuation hoofddorp

1. House survey and valuation.

Our sales agents in Hoofddorp will visit you, get acquainted, measure the house, take the characteristics and work out a sales proposal for you. In it you will also find our valuation and our costs for the sale.

This is, of course, entirely without obligation and free of charge. You will receive our proposal by email within approximately 2 business days. If you agree with our proposal you will receive an ‘Order for Service’ which you can easily sign digitally.

Start with a free valuation

sale of a house in hoofddorp

2. Purchasing

Professional photographs will be taken and the house will be measured according to the NEN2580 measurement instruction. There will also be 360-degree photos and a video tour. The latter we do partly to get a higher ranking on Funda.

If desired, we can also take a 3D tour of the house and/or record a video for social media. We are also going to gather from you all the information there is about the house. Consider the maintenance and remodeling history, defects, peculiarities, neighbors, what will and will not be sold with it, etc.

Our estate agents in Hoofddorp want to get to know your house as well as possible to inform interested parties and answer any questions there may be.

3. Search

Our sales agents in Hoofddorp do an in-depth analysis and research of all the information ‘behind the scenes’. We request a soil report, dive into the building archives if necessary, scan for easements, qualitative clauses and other details and, in the case of an apartment building, we examine the entire HOA (divisional deed, minutes, MJOP, budget, etc).

We make sure that we are aware of all the important issues so that we can take them into account in the sales brochure, inform viewers about them and answer questions about them.

Your house in Hoofddorp will be well presented by us

4. Presentation

A catchy listing text is written, all the features of your home are accurately included, the photos, video, floor plans and measurement report are processed and everything is put together into an attractive and legally watertight presentation for Funda, other home websites, social media and the sales brochure.

5. Live

The house is put live on and other platforms (,, MVA,, etc).

The house will also be highlighted on our website, social media and among fellow real estate agents. Seekers who have a “match” with the house will receive the house by mail. In addition, we place an eye-catching for sale sign at the house.

viewings when selling your house in hoofddorp

6. Viewings

Our sales agents in Hoofddorp schedule the viewings at times agreed with you. By arrangement, this can also be done in the evening or on weekends. Each viewer is shown around by us and the important features of the house and the sale are highlighted. We think along with viewers and advise them on issues such as permits, building modifications, renovations, course of action around the bidding process, the mortgage, the notary, etc.

We take enough time to help every interested party, inform them well and give them sufficient opportunity to view the house in Haarlem. If we think we need to change the sales strategy, we will advise you immediately.

Follow up of the viewings

7. Follow-up

Viewers who have been in your house will be called by us. For example, follow-up viewings will be scheduled, all documents will be sent and all questions will be answered. We leave nothing to chance.

As a sales agent in Hoofddorp, we take care of the interiors for your house

8. Negotiate and finalize sale

We conduct the negotiations on your behalf, in which we go for the best possible outcome at all times!

You retain control. We will present you with the bid(s) that have come in, advise you and leave the choice up to you.

Is your house in Hoofddorp sold, then we will put all agreements neatly and watertight in a deed of sale. We will go through the sales contract with you article by article and only when everything is clear will it be signed.

Sell your house in Hoofddorp with the VK Makelaars team.

9. Other ancillary matters

We are present during any building inspection and the appraiser’s visit.

We closely monitor the terms of the cooling-off period, deposit and resolutive conditions.

We check the deed of delivery and the bill of account and verify that everything is in order for the transfer.

notary and completion sale house hoofddorp

10. Notary and conclusion.

Our sales agents will accompany you during the inspection of the house, take meter readings and make sure everything goes smoothly. Then we accompany you in the transfer of the house at the notary.

And then the moment has arrived for us to congratulate you wholeheartedly!

And….should there be any unexpected problems or questions or advice needed after the transfer, we are still here for you!

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Why choose VK?

Why a sales agent in Hoofddorp?

You are about to sell your home in Hoofddorp. Will you do this with a real estate agent or will you still put your house on the market yourself? In this overheated housing market, is it wise to sell your house in Hoofddorp yourself?

If you decide to sell your home yourself, there is a lot involved. Remember that viewings take a lot of time and energy. Finally, of course, you would like to bring in the best sales proceeds.

Therefore, it is nice to have a sales agent in Hoofddorp who has knowledge of the area. We also have a client database of people looking for a house in Hoofddorp and the surrounding area such as Nieuw Vennep.

Our sales agents will sell your home using the right knowledge and papers related to Hoofddorp. Partly due to our experience, we can demonstrate that we can achieve the highest yield for your home in Hoofddorp.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Why clients choose VK Makelaars

Customers rate us with a 9.8 and when we ask about their experiences they like one main point. As mentioned earlier, with us you get a personal selling agent who will be there for you throughout the entire process. But then will really be ready, 7 days a week.

Wondering why customers rate us with a 9.8? Check out our

We differentiate ourselves by going the extra mile for our clients, because we know that the process of selling your home is something that can involve many questions and uncertainties.

Also, your personal selling agent has all the knowledge and paperwork needed to successfully execute the process. This means that all knowledge is located under 1 roof. In addition, you can visit for a free valuation!

How do we guarantee the best prices for you as a sales agent Hoofddorp?

We work with a limited number of houses at a time. This allows us to put a higher than average number of hours into each home or search.

As an experienced NVM real estate agent in Hoofddorp, we have knowledge of the local market and we put your wishes first. You want to sell your house for the best price, we understand that like no other. When selling your home, we take all the time for the important stuff, like viewings.

‘Haste is seldom good’ and we want potential buyers to have ample time to see the home, ask questions and prepare their bids. We see that this always leads to higher sales revenues.


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