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All worries off your hands with VK Makelaars

You only sell or buy a house a few times in your life. It is always a large amount of money and very much is involved. At VK Makelaars, we take care of everything for you and always ensure the best result. Do you need non-binding advice or would you like to spar? Call or email us immediately, we are ready for you.

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Phone: (0031) 023-2052296
Address: A. Hofmanweg 5A, 2031BH, Haarlem

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Expats housing service in Haarlem

Floris van Kuijeren, owner & realtor VK makelaars

As an Expat, you will appreciate that there is a lot you have to know to buy and sell houses in the Netherlands. VK Makelaars is a real estate specialist in the Haarlem area. We know the neighborhood and the architectural details in every street. We know what to look out for and we have a very large local network.

We can help you in real estate with:

We guide every customer throughout the entire process. You are an expat and we are not just your Broker. Weknow it is important to be the source of information for all the questions you have, such as:

1. Where can my children go to school?
2. How and where can I get the best mortgage?
3. Which insurance policies should I take out?
4. Where and how can I arrange my tax affairs?
5. How should I arrange an energy contract
6. How do you get a good contractor, painter, plumber?

You can ask us anything!
During, and even after our involvement, we are always ready with an answer and we will link you to the right third party.

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We love to hear what it we can help you with. Call or email us anytime you want to know anything:

Phone: 023-2052296

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