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Rental agent

Rental agent

The rental agent that suits you

On a no cure no pay basis


VK Makelaars is known as a full service rental agent. We will help you find a suitable rental property. We have the network, know what to look for and arrange the most suitable property for you at short notice.

Do you find it very difficult to find a home? If so, we will gladly take your worries off your hands. In doing so, we will take care of the entire process, from start to finish. You don’t have to arrange (almost) anything. And all this on the basis of our no cure no pay method!


This is how we work as a rental agent


1. Getting to know you

First, we schedule an “intake” completely free of charge and obligation. This is a personal meeting where we take stock of your needs and rental budget and tell you about the options, available new homes and how to proceed. If you’re excited, let’s get started….

5. Negotiate

As a rental agent, we will conduct the negotiations for you and make the best deal on your behalf. Once the deal is done, we will help you deliver all the necessary documentation to the rental agent.


2. Collecting documents.

It is very important that we create a good tenant record of you so that we can move quickly when we have found a home. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with the following:
-A copy/scan of your current employment contract
-A copy/scan of your last 3 work sheets
-A copy/scan/photo of your ID

6. Check of the rental contract.

We check the lease extensively as well as all other legal documents. we will go through these in detail with you so you know exactly what you are signing up for.


3. We search for rental properties for you

We search for suitable rental properties that meet your needs and profile. We will send you a selection of rental properties that fit your needs. You indicate which homes appeal to you.

In addition, we explain how to set an alert on specific rental websites. This ensures that you search even more broadly and receive a maximum of interesting properties. Of the properties that interest you the most, you can then send us the links so we will pursue them.


7. Connecting facilities.

We will help you (if needed) to arrange:

  • Internet
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity

We’ll make sure you get the best possible deal from these companies and get connected right away.

4. Schedule viewings.

As a rental agent, we schedule viewings of the homes that appeal to you. We are going to view these homes together. We try to schedule viewings as efficiently as possible.

What are the costs of a hiring agent?

What are the costs you need to consider? We charge a one-time fee of 1.5 months’ bare rent + 21% VAT with a minimum of €2750 +21% VAT.

This is entirely on a no cure no pay basis. This means that only when we have found a suitable rental property will there be any costs involved. No rental property = no cost.

Interested in our rental broker service? Call us now at 023-2052296 or request a free call using the button below!


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