Frequently asked questions

What does a purchase realtor cost?

Here an indication of what you can expect from realtors:

Home- Percentage Brokerage To start Total costs
worth     costs incl tax
 €   200.000 1,50  €          3.000  €      500  €               3.500
 €   250.000 1,20  €          3.000  €      500  €               3.500
 €   300.000 1,17  €          3.500  €      500  €               4.000
 €   350.000 1,14  €          4.000  €      500  €               4.500
 €   400.000 1,13  €          4.500  €      500  €               5.000
 €   450.000 1,00  €          4.500  €      500  €               5.000
 €   500.000 1,00  €          5.000  €      500  €               5.500
 €   550.000 0,95  €          5.250  €      500  €               5.750
 €   600.000 0,92  €          5.500  €      500  €               6.000
 €   650.000 0,88  €          5.750  €      500  €               6.250
 €   700.000 0,86  €          6.000  €      500  €               6.500
 €   750.000 0,83  €          6.250  €      500  €               6.750
 €   800.000 0,81  €          6.500  €      500  €               7.000
What is a modern realtor?

No, a modern realtor is NOT a internetbroker where you can do viewings by yourself. We as the modern realtor deliver the same full service as a traditional realtor. The modern style is something you see in the way we work.

  • We don’t have an expensive location for our office. Our representative office is located in a business center outside of the centre.
  • We work don’t work with brochures of paper. Everything is digital. This safes a lot of paper and that’s why we can charge less to our clients.
  • We don’t work with regular staff, but with self-employed colleagues. Because of this we are more flexible (in every economic climate) and we safe on our regular overhead costs. Our clients are the ones that benefit the most of it.
  • We don’t work with a regular back office, but we use a flexible realtors back office from a branch organization.
  • We work as much as we can paperless.
  • Agreements and contracts are signed digitally where possible.
  • We use an excellent way of online presentation and find-ability.

What does the modern realtor gives you? A simple answer: Benefits! The benefit by our efficient way of working is the best for our clients.

What can I do to prepare my home for sale?

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What does a purchase realtor cost?

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What costs do I have when I purchase a home?

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Is there a simple explanation from the NVM/VBO purchase agreements?

Yes of course. That you will find in our blog article of us.

What costs are deductible when purchased a home?
Why hire a purchase realtor?

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How do I prepare my home for sale?
What do I have to keep in mind when I rent out my home?

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What do I have to keep in mind when I purchase an apartment?

With an apartment it’s very important to be critical about the Association of Owners (VvE in Dutch). How is it organised, how active is it, what is going to the savings, what is in the savings, how does the maintenance plan looks like, is there deferred maintenance, etc, etc.

As purchase realtor we check every Association of Owners (VvE in Dutch).
For more information, look at this article from our weblog.

Is it smart to sell your home by yourself?

No. It’s not that. When selling your home there is more coming around then you think. There are a lot of mistakes you can make and also the other party can make mistakes. Purchase of sell a home goes together with a lot of money and making a mistake can cost money. Internetbrokers and Doing it yourself are cheap ways because you don’t have any service. A regular certified realtor is more expensive because of the expertise he/she delivers to get the maximum result and create a legel file. Our opinion about internetbrokers is short: pennywise, pound-foolish!

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How do I request an energy label for my home?

Make sure that you have received the sales brochure.
You will need that with requesting the energy label for your home. Well, it makes it a lot easier.

Go to the website for an energy label and log in with your DigiD.

The steps on the website are pretty simple. But, some questions you might not know the answer to. Like if you have a cavity wall or pipe insulation? In that case you call us and we will help you out.

Are you done with filling in all the energy services from your home, then the next step is to upload the proof. For example the invoice of the floor insulation or a photo of the windows. Here you can use the sale brochure as proof.

Last step: select an expert. You have to choose an expert to judge your request. Important advice: Choose an expert that cost between the €5,- and €15,-, where you can pay directly with iDeal and have a respons time of 2 business days.

What is preliminary purchase agreement?

Very simple. A preliminary purchase contract does not exist. We will explain how it works. You purchase or sell a home and you get from the realtor (in case of people in Amsterdam) the notary a concept purchase agreement. In this you will check if everything is correct. Then you will agree, the realtor/notary will send out the final purchase agreement to both parties so they can sign, then the purchase is definitive. After that in case of a particular purchaser the legal reflection period starts and in most cases the reservation period of financing. The purchase is already definitive when everything is signed and not preliminary. After the reflection period is over and the resolutive conditions are over the purchase is ‘unconditionally’.

How big is my home?

We will tell you. But before you do all the hard work: request a valuation with us (for free) and we will measure your home as well.

Wilt u zelf meten hoe groot uw woning is? Klik dan naar dit handige en blog artikel van ons.

What are the start up costs of a realtor?

Every realtor have start up costs. Also known as marketing costs.

These are costs that they will pay for the presentation of your home.
The costs that are most common are between €400,- and €700,-.
That’s necessary for:

  1. good photos of the home
  2. 360 degrees photos
  3. assemble a videotour through the home
  4. maps
  5. NEN2580 measurement of the home and creating the measurement report
  6. a 3D tour in the home
  7. and assemble a video with presentation of the home with the realtor in the picture
  8. the costs for the advertisement of Funda.

We of VK Real Estate don’t charge our clients start up costs. We want that our clients can have the transparent way of working with just 1 clear price.

What has to be done when the offer is accepted?

Simple answer: We guide you through the whole process from A till Z. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Curious of what’s in the future? Read this article on our BLOG:

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