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What does a sales agent cost?

As an indication, here’s what you can think about with traditional brokers:

Residential Percentage Courtage Startup Total cost
value costs inclusive VAT
€ 200.000 1,50 € 3.000 € 500 € 3.500
€ 250.000 1,20 € 3.000 € 500 € 3.500
€ 300.000 1,17 € 3.500 € 500 € 4.000
€ 350.000 1,14 € 4.000 € 500 € 4.500
€ 400.000 1,13 € 4.500 € 500 € 5.000
€ 450.000 1,00 € 4.500 € 500 € 5.000
€ 500.000 1,00 € 5.000 € 500 € 5.500
€ 550.000 0,95 € 5.250 € 500 € 5.750
€ 600.000 0,92 € 5.500 € 500 € 6.000
€ 650.000 0,88 € 5.750 € 500 € 6.250
€ 700.000 0,86 € 6.000 € 500 € 6.500
€ 750.000 0,83 € 6.250 € 500 € 6.750
€ 800.000 0,81 € 6.500 € 500 € 7.000
What is a modern broker?

No, a modern broker is NOT an internet broker where you have to take care of the viewings yourself. We as a modern broker provide the same full service as a traditional broker. The modernity is in the way it works.

  • We don’t have an expensive sight location. Our representative office is located in a business center outside of downtown.
  • We do not work with paper brochures. Everything is going digital. This saves a huge mountain of paper and provides a savings for our client.
  • We do not work with permanent staff, but with affiliated freelancers. This makes us more agile (in any economic climate), more flexible and saves on our fixed overhead costs. This advantage benefits our customers.
  • We do not work with a permanent office, but use the flexible brokerage office of our branch organization.
  • We work “paperless” as much as possible.
  • Agreements and purchase contracts are signed digitally whenever possible.
  • We use excellent online presentation and findability.

What does the modern broker give you? A simple answer: advantage! This is because the advantage due to our efficient working method benefits you.

What can I do to get my home ready for sale?

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What does a buying agent cost

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What are all the costs I have when I buy a home?

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Is there a simple explanation of the NVM / VBO sales agreement?

Yes. You can find them in this blog article From us.

What expenses are deductible when buying a home?

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Why hire a buying agent?

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How should I prepare my home for sale?
What do I need to consider if I am going to rent out my property?

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What should I consider when buying an apartment?

With an apartment, it is very important to look critically at the Owners Association (VvE). How is it organized, how active are they, what is saved, what is in hand, what does the maintenance plan look like, is there any overdue maintenance, etc. etc.

As buying agent we thoroughly vet each and every VEHICLE.
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Is it wise to sell your home yourself?

No. It isn’t. In practice, selling a home involves much more than you can comprehend beforehand. There are a lot of pitfalls that you can accidentally fall into, but most importantly, there is a lot that can go wrong. Selling or buying a home involves an incredible amount of money and making a mistake is immediately very expensive. Internet brokers and Do It Yourself (DIY) brokers are cheap because the service (man-hours aspect) is eliminated. A regular certified real estate agent is actually more expensive because he does use those expert hours to get the most out of your home and be able to close a watertight file. Our opinion about internet broker is in short: pennywise, poundfoolish!

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How do I apply for an energy label for my home?

First, make sure you have received your sales brochure from us.
You will need this when you apply for your energy label. At least, it makes it a lot easier.

Go to theenergy label website and log in with your DigId.

The steps in the website are actually quite simple. However, some questions you may not know. For example, do you have cavity wall insulation or do you have pipe insulation? In this case, call us and we will help you.

If you have finished filling out the energy supplies in your home, then the next step is to upload evidence. For example, an invoice for the floor insulation or a photo of the double glazing. Here you can upload our sales brochure as a proof of purchase.

Final step: select an expert. You must select an expert to review your application. Important advice: choose an expert who costs between €5 and €15, who allows you to pay directly via iDeal and who has a response time of ‘within 2 working days’.

What is a preliminary purchase agreement?

Very simple. There is no such thing as a preliminary sales contract. We explain how it does work. You buy or sell a home and you receive a draft purchase agreement from the real estate agent (in case of Amsterdammers the) notary. In it, you check that all the data is correct. You agree to this, the broker/notary sends parties the final purchase agreement, parties sign and the purchase agreement is final. After that, in the case of a private buyer, a statutory cooling-off period starts and usually also a reservation period of financing. However, the purchase is already final at the time of signing and not provisional. Only after the cooling-off period and all resolutive conditions have been worked out is the purchase “unconditional.

How big is my property?

We are going to tell you. But before you go to a lot of trouble: ask a valuation to us (free of charge) and we will measure your home for you.

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What are start-up costs of the broker?

Every broker has start-up costs. Also called marketing costs.

These are costs he incurs 1 to 1 for the presentation of your property.
Often the start-up costs are between €400 and €700.
These are needed for:

  1. good photos of the house
  2. 360 degree photos
  3. editing of a video tour of the house
  4. maps
  5. NEN2580 measurement of the house and the preparation of a measurement report
  6. a 3D tour of the house
  7. and editing of an extensive video with presentation of the house with the real estate agent in the picture
  8. The Funda costs incurred for the advertisement.

We at VK real estate agents do not charge a start-up fee. This is because we want you to be able to take into account 1 transparent price.

What needs to be arranged once the bid is accepted?

Simple answer: we will guide you through this entire process from A-Z. You don’t have to think about anything. Curious about what’s involved? For this, see this article on our BLOG here:

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