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You can hardly find a more FRIENDLY neighborhood than this one!

A part of Haarlem which was built around the 1930’s, but because the houses are so GOODLY MAINTENANCE, you don’t see that right away. Many of these homes are home to FAMILY families who, after buying, have done a great job of fixing things up. MODERNIZING is always advisable with homes of these ages.

The neighborhood has a number of nice WALKING PLACES for the family (with the dog) and there is plenty of PARKING. The main reason the neighborhood is family-friendly is because people can only drive 30 kilometers per hour. Everything is focused on the SAFETY of the residents. From this neighborhood you can easily leave via the N208 in the direction of HAARLEM-NOORD or HEEMSTEDE-AERDENHOUT.

If you want to find the coziness of the beautiful CENTRAL of HAARLEM, you can easily take the bike. Because with about 10 minutes of biking you are on the BIG MARKET. Surely that’s ENJOYING!


VK Makelaars: your personal estate agent in Haarlem

Do you want to buy or rent a house in Haarlem? Or do you want to sell a house or apartment in Haarlem? VK Makelaars will be happy to help you with this.

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to help you get more information and/or advice without any obligation.

Sell a house in Haarlem

Do you want to sell your house or apartment? VK Makelaars takes care of the entire sales process. We provide 100% personal guidance and work honestly, professionally and no-nonsense. As a result, we get the most out of selling your home for a fair and low rate. For more information click on the following link: House Selling Haarlem or Apartment Selling Haarlem.

House rental Haarlem

Do you want to rent out your house? Or do you want to rent out your apartment? VK Makelaars are experts in the field of renting out houses and apartments in Haarlem and the surrounding area. Curious what we can do for you? Then click on the following link: House Rental Haarlem or Apartment Rental Haarlem.

Buying or renting a house in the Houtvaart quarter of Haarlem

Do you want to sell, buy or rent a house in the Houtvaartkwartier of Haarlem? The housing market in Haarlem’s Houtvaart Quarter usually has very fast turnaround times. Houses are not for sale for more than 2 or 3 weeks and prices range from €4250 to €5500 per m2. The Houtvaart Quarter of Haarlem is highly sought after by families, starters, Amsterdammers and expats. Most seekers in Haarlem’s Houtvaart Quarter are buying a house. Still, there are houses being rented out. Rents in the Houtvaartkwartier vary between €1500 and sometimes up to €2500 per month excluding gas, water and electricity.

Many rent-seekers do not easily succeed in finding a suitable home. That’s why, as a real estate agency, we also offer rentals. In this we will search together for a suitable rental property, help with the negotiation and a watertight settlement. For more information on renting out a property, click on Letting Agent VK Brokers. For more information on help with renting a home click on Rental Broker VK Brokers.