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Sales Styling

It can often be incredibly rewarding to have a professional stylist “pimp” your home in order to sell it better and faster.

Styling is about creating an emotional connection between the potential buyer and your home, and it is much more than just “dressing up” a home. We want to create warm and inviting spaces that emphasize the best use of what your home has to offer. We want to make sure buyers fall in love with your home.

That when they enter somewhere, they experience a sense of coming home.

They need to see it in front of them and feel, that this is their home. A wonderful place where they really do walk in every day and live there, live and be happy.

And that moment happens in the first 5 seconds when they come in.

“You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Furniture rental

Sandra and Monique of InsightYourHome can also help you if you are not having us sell your home and when styling alone is not enough to bring out the full potential of your home.

Vacant homes we can temporarily supply with various furniture for you.

We set up your home so that great photos can be taken and that it looks attractive when the viewings are held. It is difficult for many people to see through an empty home. Especially if the home is dated or subject to overdue maintenance. By furnishing the home, we can give viewers a good idea of the property.

3D visualization

When a property is already vacant and furnishing it with rented items is not an option, another solution is to offer the property attractively through a 3D visualization also called an artist impression .

With a 3D visualization called, we can let potential buyers “see” what the possibilities are.

This way they can still experience how the house can be refurbished and decorated. The ideal solution! Our colleague Monique will be happy to help you with this.

House clearance

Clearing out a home is the often an emotional, time-consuming and stressful task. Especially when it is a home of a loved one who has passed away.

In our experience, when a home is emptied, people have more stuff than previously thought. We will arrange for all items to be disposed of, donated or sold.

We arrange for your household contents to have a second life. We work with several charities and agencies that help us reuse the contents. By encouraging reuse and reducing the amounts of waste, we are doing our part to improve the environment and create a sustainable society.

Wonderful, isn’t it, when that emotional and intense job is taken care of for you? Of course, after the clearance, we can also redecorate, style and prepare the house for sale.

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