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Amsterdam city center

The MAIN CITY, the largest city, the busiest city and, according to many, the MOST beautiful city in the Netherlands.

With approximately 1.4 MILLION inhabitants, Amsterdam is certainly the city with the most inhabitants in the Netherlands. The CENTRE of Amsterdam is also very famous among tourists, which many residents experience as a nuisance. Many Amsterdam residents are therefore relocating to surrounding cities such as HAARLEM, Alkmaar and Purmerend.

The center is especially known for its canals, canal houses, bridges, the Dam, shopping streets and of course the RONDVAARTBOTEN. But neighborhoods like the WALLEN you can’t skip when talking about Amsterdam center, of course. Anyway… Here we are talking about the HOUSES of Amsterdam. There are a lot of them. In the center, you have mostly the MANY, tall canal houses. Widely used as OFFICES, residences and split as APARTMENTS. In addition, there is a wide OFFERING of houses situated above SHOPS, old buildings and HOUSING.

Downtown homes are often BEWARE of people who have lived there for a very long time. People who LOVE coziness, atmosphere and RUMBLING are definitely in the right place here. Amsterdam has a lot to offer its inhabitants. But above all the living facilities that everyone needs you will find there ENOUGH. With neighborhoods like the JORDAAN and the Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam Center has a lot of HISTORY. The city has a good metro system and there are many NS stations. Absolutely the best way to get around in a city like this. For the daredevils among us; Go there and BIKE!


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