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Targeted purchase

We will provide a quote based on your requirements!

Brokerage entirely on a no cure no pay basis


You have your eye on a specific house you want to buy, but don’t have a buying agent yet. With the targeted buying guidance, you can use us as a last minute buying agent. We will visit the house DIRECTLY (together) and from that moment on we will provide you with FULL SERVICE in the purchase assistance until the notary. No house bought = no brokerage fees.

This is how our focused purchase guidance works


1. You've spotted your dream home

You call us and we go DIRECTly (together) to view the property.


2. We map out the property

During and also after the viewing we will map the legal and constructional aspects of the house and provide you with professional advice.

3. Valuation and bidding.

We make an assessment of the value of the house, prepare a targeted offer and (after consultation with you) conduct the negotiations to successfully purchase the house. Didn’t buy a house? No brokerage fees.


4. Deed of sale guidance

We check the deed of sale for you and go through it together in detail. Only when everything is clear to you will we sign it.

5. Total Guidance

We will help you with the choice of notary, building inspection and valuation.
Constantly we are in contact with the best parties for this. If there is a need for an appraisal or an architectural inspection, we are there!

6. Deadline monitoring

We monitor the terms of the security deposit and resolutive conditions.
We will also check the settlement statement (from the notary) and the deed of delivery for you.


7. Support

You can rely on us throughout the process for questions or advice. (In practice, we find that this is widely used).

8. Inspection and Notary

On the day of delivery, we will accompany you during the inspection in the house and check if everything is in order. If something is not right (happens regularly) we will make sure it is fixed. After the inspection, we will accompany you with the transport to the notary.

Even after the key transfer, you can continue to call us with questions, advice or problems.

What regions do we serve?


The uniqueness of VK Brokers is, is the fact that, as a buying agent, we offer support even outside our own region. We believe that everyone in the Netherlands has the right to a good and smart purchasing help and so we offer it!

    Click on a region near you below to get more specific information. An overview of our purchased homes can be seen here.


    I can’t get my house sold, now what?

    I can’t get my house sold, now what?

    Wat als ik mijn huis niet verkocht krijg? Dit is een vraag die wij als makelaar weleens voorbij zien komen. Je hebt je huis te koop gezet, maar na een aantal weken of zelfs maanden heb je nog steeds geen koper gevonden. Het kan erg frustrerend zijn als je jouw huis...

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