When do you need an appraisal report?

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Appraisals

In these cases, you will (usually) need an appraisal report:

-You’ve bought a house and need a mortgage.

-You want a discount on your current mortgage rate. By demonstrating that your home has increased in value significantly, you will fall into a different risk group and may be able to save quite a bit monthly on your mortgage interest costs.

-Your current mortgage is expiring and you want to refinance your mortgage

-You have purchased a home, but need a bridging loan (because you will temporarily own 2 houses)?

-You own a house and want to start a renovation which must be financed by taking out some extra mortgage.

-You own an investment property or have just purchased an investment property and are looking to finance it.

-You and your partner are breaking up and one of you wants to buy out the other.

-You want to buy a house from someone you know. You both want to know what the property is worth in order to make a buying decision.

-You want a valuation report to object to the WOZ value.

-You need a rebuild value of your house for buildings insurance.

In all cases, you need an officially validated appraisal report from a certified appraiser. Do you need a certified appraisal report or need more information? Call or email VK Makelaars&Taxateurs or read more about appraisal Haarlem and appraisal Haarlem area here.