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Cost Deductible or not
Sales realtor costs Not deductible
Costs for applying for an energy label Not deductible
Appraisal costs related to the sale of your home Not deductible
Costs for canceling the mortgage after the transfer of ownership Deductible
Cost Deductible or not
The costs of your buying agent Not deductible
The advice and brokerage costs of your mortgage Deductible
Purchase sum leasehold (if co-financed) Deductible
Closing commission Deductible
Preparation commission (when extending the validity of a mortgage offer) Deductible
Construction interest until the date of conclusion of a purchase contract Not deductible
Construction interest after the date of conclusion of the purchase contract Deductible
Structural inspection Not deductible
Structural inspection if for National Mortgage Guarantee Deductible
Costs for National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) Deductible
Notary fees – title deed and registration land register Not deductible
Notary fees – mortgage deed and registration thereof with the Land Registry Deductible
Delivery inspection Not deductible
Transfer tax Not deductible
Takeover of movable property Not deductible
Appraisal costs for obtaining financing and / or NHG Deductible
Construction depot for renovation costs Deductible

If you are going to buy a property, look here to see which costs are deductible.