The most beautiful neighborhood in the north of Haarlem.

But not only the MOST BEAUTIFUL, but also a very NICE neighborhood to live. Because there is not a large, busy road through this neighborhood, you have the feeling that you are in a QUIET AREA. But quite a few people live in this area, mainly because there are many FAMILIES living there. The boundary between EAST and WEST is determined by the dividing line “De Marnixstraat”. This is the only bigger road, but still not very busy.

With MULTIPLE PARKS around the neighborhood, you have a lot of choice to take a nice MORNING WALK, to RUN or to take a walk with the DOG. For CHILDREN it is a nice neighborhood to live, because there are many children living and several SCHOOLS in the area.

Via the Rijksstraatweg you can easily reach other parts of the city of Haarlem. On this street you will find many SHOPS and several SUPERMARKETS. The BIG shopping street GENERAAL CRONJE is also nearby. A street where you can enjoy a nice lunch or a good cup of coffee.


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