Energy rating required
When selling a home, you must ensure that your home has an energy rating, otherwise you run the risk of a fine of more than € 400 when you transfer

Do I already have an energy rating?
It is possible that your home already has an energy label, for example because this was requested by the previous owners or because you live in a young home. You can look up your energy label on this website or that of a house that you want to buy

Note: if you have a provisional label, this is NOT sufficient. You must then apply for a definitive energy label.

Apply for energy label
To apply for an energy label, go to and log in with your DigiD.

Here you answer a number of questions about your home. For example, does this have double glazing, roof insulation, etc. There are a number of handy and clear instructional videos that will help you on your way. You must upload “evidence” to prove that the items specified are correct. For example, you have to take a picture of the glass in the window frames if there is double glazing.

At the end of all steps, you must select an expert who will check the application and grant the energy label. The prices of the experts vary from € 5 to € 50 and it varies per expert how quickly they work and whether payment is made. There is no need to choose an expensive inspector. For around € 10 you should already have a great expert.