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Reggie Detering

Real Estate Agent

About Reggie

Reggie is driven and experienced in buying and selling houses in Haarlem for himself. He now uses that experience to best assist his clients in buying or selling, renting or leasing their home!

He is a true purchase specialist and purchases homes for expats and non-expats in Haarlem and the surrounding area. Chances are you’ll have him on the line sometime soon. Any questions you have, you can ask him. If he doesn’t know, he knows the one who does. How easy to have such a point of contact.

Since August 2018 he is happily married, also he is proud father of 2 fantastic sons. Partly because of this, he is always awake early and thus more engaged in work than the average real estate agent. Together with his family he lives on the edge of the center of Haarlem, having lived in the Houtvaartkwartier, the Bomenbuurt and the Hasselaersbuurt. He knows Haarlem like the back of his hand. He is likable, honest, perfectionist and “always” on time.