Reggie Detering


About Reggie

Reggie is driven and is experienced in purchasing and selling homes in Haarlem for himself. That experience he uses to help out his clients completely with purchasing and selling, but also with renting or renting out their home!

At the office he is our go-to-guy. Big chance that you will have him on the phone soon. All the questions you have you can ask him. If he doesn’t know it, for sure he will know the person you have to talk to. How easy to have just one point of contact.

Since august 2018 he is happily married and in November 2019 he became a proud father of a happy and beautiful son. Because of that he is always early out of bed and immediately working, that’s why he makes more ours then the normal realtor. Together with his family he lives at the edge of the centre of Haarlem. But he lived in Haarlem in several neighbourhoods. The Bomenbuurt, the Houtvaartkwartier and the Hasselaersbuurt. He knows Haarlem very well. He is simpatico, honest, a perfectionist and ‘always’ on time.