Targeted purchase

We will make a quotation based on your wishes!

Brokerage completely based on no cure no pay

You have a specific home in mind that you want to purchase, but you don’t have a realtor yet. With the targeted purchase guidance you can hire us at the last moment as purchase realtor. We will check out the home together right away and from that moment on you have a realtor FULL SERVICE with guidance until the signing at the notary. Didn’t purchase a home = no brokerage.

This is how our purchase guidance works


1. You spotted your dream home

You call us and we will view the home together IMMEDIATELY.


2. We will show you everything we know about the home

During and after the viewing we will show you the legal and architectural aspects of the home and we’ll give you professional advice.

3. Valuation and bid

We make a valuation of the home, prepare a targeted bid (after discussing with you) and handle the negotiations to purchase the home successfully. Didn’t purchase a home? No brokerage.


4. Deed of purchase guidance

We will check the deed of purchase and go through this with you. When everything is clear you can sign it.

5. Totally guidance

We will help you with choosing a notary, architectural inspector and an appraiser.
We are always in contact with the best parties to do this for you. When the appraiser or the architectural inspector comes we will be there!

6. Guarding the terms

We guard the terms of the deposit and the resolutive conditions.
Also we check the memorandum of settlement (from the notary) and the deed of delivery.


7. Support

During the entire process you can call/app/mail us for questions or if you need advice. (This is something that happens a lot.)

8. Inspection and notary

On the day of the delivery we will guide you with the inspection in your home and check if everything is as agreed. If there is something what’s not as agreed on (happens sometimes) than we will make sure that it will be handled. After the inspection we will guide you during the transport at the notary.

Even after the delivery of the key is behind you, you can always call us with questions, problems or if you need advice.

Are you ready to purchase your dream home?

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