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How does our renting out guidance work?

1. Meeting each other and seeing your home

We would like to come over to your place to talk about your wishes. How long you want to rent it out, with or without furniture, any wishes about what type of tenants, what is the most important thing for you? We will write down all the particularities of your home and measure the size.

2. Valuation

After seeing all the particularities of your home we are going to make a valuation. If we do this we look at the properties in the neighbourhood, the status of your home, the size, the target audience and the facilities of your home. Together with you we decide the rental price.

3. File

We create the rental file for you, including the rental point count (of the Dutch ‘huurcommissie’), the energy label, the house specific features, home insurance and rental checklist.

4. Preparing for rental, advise and support

It is important that your home is clean and it is attractively furnished or styled for the presentation and of course the viewings. We advise you on the cleaning partners who can support you in this and on the rental styling. A nice bedspread on the bed, a nice rug, enough daylight, a bunch of flowers, etc. These are all things that can make the difference to convince enthusiastic tenants.

5. Presentation

Your home will be seen live on and other platforms (,, MVA, etc.). It will be shown to the public through our website, social media and colleague realtors. People who have a match with your home will receive all the information per e-mail. And we put a sign at your home with: ‘For Rent’.

6. Viewings

In consultation with you, we determine when we can arrange the viewings. Not only do we show your home to interested tenants, we take the opportunity for evaluating whether these people will be suitable tenants.

7. Rent proposal and background check

We ask interested parties to send us a rental proposal and to enclose a number of documents (including a copy of the passport, employment contract, payslip). We present the candidates and advise you on the best choice (s).

After this we do a profound scan about the tenant for his possible criminal record, employer (we check if the tenants still works there) and rental check Holland.

8. Rental agreement

We prepare the lease in accordance with the wishes and terms as we have previously agreed with you. We first present these to you in concept and then to the tenant. If both parties agree, you can sign.

9. Checking in

If the tenant has paid the deposit and the first rent, delivery can take place on the start date of the lease. Here we make an extensive report of delivery, the meter readings are noted, the inventory is checked and we take many photos of the current state of the house. After the inspection report has been signed by the tenant and by us, it will be sent directly to you and to the tenant.

10. Management

In addition, you can also call on us to manage your home (s). You then pay a percentage of the rent in management costs and you are totally relieved of all responsibilities. All communication with the tenant goes through us and we arrange maintenance, rental price indexations, rental invoices, payment arrears, key management, etc. More information about management can be found here.

Your home rented out legally watertight by VK Makelaars

Costs for renting out your home

The brokerage for renting out guidance is 1 month of rent including tax.

The startup fee is one time €225,- including tax.


Professional photography


Signing in costs for the rent platforms


Costs for the background check of possible tenants


The measurement report



Of course we can do more of less work for you, that is something we can talk about. For example you know someone for the photos (less work) or you want us to do more, like hiring a contracter, hire a clean up crew or a professional decorator (more work).

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