Solar panels increase the value of a home. A home with solar panels has a better energy label. Depending on the type of home, the area and the number of solar panels, this can make a difference of up to 3 ‘label steps’. According to research by Tias’ VastgoedLAB, homes with an energy label A yield an average of €12,000 more.

But what happens to the solar panels when a home is sold? That’s up to the seller and the buyer. The seller will indicate via the ‘list of items’ which parts of the house will be sold with it, which are for acquisition and which will be taken away. This list of items is usually included in the home’s sales brochure. Many viewers assume by default that the solar panels present are included in the purchase.
Note that this is not so! Because solar panels are often offered for acquisition, it may be wise to indicate when making an offer that your offer includes the acquisition of the solar panels (and any other items on the list of items for acquisition).

For you as the seller of the house, it is important to realize that moving the installation will involve costs (€2,000 to €3,000) if you have it done.