Tips: Prepare your home for sale

Tips preparing your home to sell

The most important moment for your home is the photoshoot. Shortly after the viewings will follow. It’s important that your home will be interesting for the target audience. Because of that here are a view tips to prepare your home.

Empty your home

Is your home filled with a lot of stuff, make sure you clean it up as much as you can. You don’t have to remove everything, but it’s important that people see the home and not too much of your stuff. You can ask us for advise about what has to go and what can stay. A good tip is rent a mobile storage room, like

Clean up your home

Make sure your entire home is clean and tight. No clothes hanging around or laying around, laundry basket is empty, no loose stuff everywhere, empty the garbage bin and all the windows must be clean, inside and outside.

Make sure it smell fresh

The smell of fresh baked cookies or apple pie is always a nice surprise.

Take a look at the plants

Are they still a live and kicking? Or are they not as bright as before, remove them. A new bouquet of flowers works, so put them on the table.

Remove rugs

Because of this your home becomes more spacious and lighter.

No pets on the photos

Do you have cats or other pets, make sure that they take a walk at the moment the photos are made.

Remove personal photos

If you don’t want people to see the photos in your home in times of the viewings, remove them. Our photographer will make sure no one is recognised on photos at Funda.

Valuable stuff and things people want to steal

Remove all valuable stuff or things people might want to steal when the viewings start.

Create space in your room

What we want to see in your home is space. Open your home. Are there furniture in the middle of the room, put them on the side of the room (if that’s possible).

Remove webs of spiders

Take a walk around through your home and look for webs from spiders and remove that.

Make sure your home is as bright as possible

Open the curtains and blinds. Are there things outside in front of the window or to close near a window, replace them. Open the doors to the garden.

Tips for the bedrooms
Make all beds nice, sleek and neutral. So by neutral we don’t mean a bright red duvet, for example. Leave at most an alarm clock and a night light on the bedside tables. Do not leave or hang bathrobes, slippers, pajamas, etc. Open the curtains completely. 
Tips for the children's room
Make the beds nicely. Tidy up the toys and center everything that cannot be stored in 1 fixed place. Check the floors carefully to make sure there are no toys that could be dropped over later.
Tips for the bathrooms

Remove the rug of the bathroom and all the wet towels. Close the toilet seat. Remove the sink and clear out the bottles of shampoo and other products you use out of the bath and shower. Clean the mirrors. If there is mold, remove it with HG mold remover.

Tips for the kitchen

Make sure the counter in the kitchen is clean and empty. No problem if there are a couple of things left behind like a coffee machine or the knife block, but not too much stuff! Remove the garbage and the tea towel from the kitchen.

Tips for the garden

Make sure the garden or the outside spaces are cleaned. Throw old stuff away. Clean the tiles of the garden and the outside furniture, mow the grass and remove dead plants. Also, use a broom and a garbage back to clear out the entrance of your home. The frontside is one of the first things viewers will see when they come for a viewing: First impressions!

Do small chores

Make a list of small unfinished chores and maintenance in your home. Loose handrail, broken lamps, leaking sink, holes in the wall, etc. Fix these things. Hesitate? Ask us for advice.

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