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Are you going to sell your house? Then you need a good realtor?. No smooth talk, but honest, transparent and with the VERY BEST result. Welcome to VK Makelaars, you’ve come to the right place!

VK Brokers: No-Nonsense, Personal and Transparent
We are a young small real estate agency in Haarlem. Our focus is on personal attention. No assembly line work, no fuss, no broker where you are a “case file”. You have a personal realtor who knows everything about your home and your wishes and he / she guides you from A to Z. This demonstrably produces better sales results and you can see that in our customer reviews!

Would you like more information or a no-obligation introductory meeting?
We can tell you everything about the Haarlem housing market, the best sales strategy for your home and the possible sales proceeds from your home. We also answer any questions you may have. We are happy to help you! Call us on 023-2052296 or press 1 of the buttons below.

Clear and transparent

We like clear arrangements and a transparent type of working. In that case you know what you have with us as your realtor, no surprises.

A deal = a deal

So you can enjoy your night of sleeping during the process of buying or selling your home. We will take care of everything and will make sure it will happen smoothly.

Personal attention

During the sales or buy of your great home you don’t want to take any risks. We know as no one else how that’s like. That’s why we take all the time that’s necessary for our clients.

No factory of homes

We work with a limited number of homes at the same time. Because of this way of working we can take all the time you need.

Honest rates

No high start up costs or hidden fees. We are no price fighter, but we will deliver the quality you expect for a fare rate.

Free valuation

Curious about what your home is worth or what you can charge if you rent it out? We can come over for free to make a valuation of your home.

How does our sales guidance work?

1. Seeing your home and the valuation

We will come over to your home, meet each other, measure your home, write down all the details of it and will work on a proposal for selling your home. In this you will find our valuation and the costs we charge for selling your home. Of course this is free of charge and without any strings. You will receive the proposal within 2 workdays thru e-mail. If you agree to the proposal you will receive a contract with ‘Instruction to act as intermediary for purchasing a dwelling’. This you can easy sign on the internet.

2. Getting it to sales

A professional photographer will come to take photos and videos and measure your home with the NEN2580 instruction. There will be 360 degrees photos and a videotour thru your home. This last thing we’ll do because it will give you a better status on Funda. If you want we can also make a 3D tour in your home and/or make a video for social media. Also we will gather all the information about your home from you. You can think about maintenance and renovation work, flaws, particularities, neighbours, what will be sold with the home or can be bought with the home. We want to get to know your home the best we can, so we can inform interested parties and give answers to all the questions they might have.

3. Research

We will make a profound analysis and will do research to all the information ‘behind closed curtains’. We will get the soil report, look in the archives of the building, scan for easements, clauses and other particularities. In case of an apartment-building we will look at all the information about the owners association (deed of division, records, plans for maintenance, budget, etc.). We will make sure that we know all the important information, so we can make a brochure that is complete, answer all the questions from viewers and inform them about everything that’s important.

4. Presentation

We will write a catchy text with all the attributes of your home, the photos and videos, maps and the report of the measuring. This will be put in a good looking and legally watertight file for Funda, other housing websites, social media and the brochure of sales.

5. Live

Your home will be signed up for and other platforms (,, MVA,, etc.). At the same time we will put it on our website, social media and among other colleague realtors. People who are looking for a home like yours will be matched and will receive the information about your home thru e-mail. And of course we will put our beautiful sign ‘For Sale’ on one of the windows of your home.

6. Viewings

We will plan the viewings on times and days that are good for you. If it’s necessary we can do it in the evening or in weekends. Every viewer will get a tour thru your home from us and we will tell them all the important particularities about your home. We think along with viewers and advise them in cases like permits, architectural adjustments, renovations, how it works with the bidding process, a mortgage, the notary, etc. We will take the time that’s necessary for people to see it and get to know it and inform them about everything we know about your home. If we think we have to adjust the strategy we will inform and advise you immediately.

7. Follow-up

Viewers that have visited your home will get a phone call from us. We can plan second viewings, all the important files we have will be send to them and we answer all the questions they have. We don’t wait for coincidence.

8. Negotiations and rounding up the sales

We will do the negotiations, where we keep in mind we only want the best possible result!

You are in control. We will show you all the offers we receive, advise you what we think is best and then it’s up to you to make a choice.

When your home is sold, we will make sure everything is set in the deed of purchase. We will show you the deed of purchase and will go thru it with you article by article before you sign it.

9. Other incidentals

We are there if the people who bought your home want to invite an architectural specialist and the visit of the appraiser.

We will guard the terms of the reflection period, deposit and the resolutive conditions.

We will check the deed of delivery and the memorandum of settlement and see if everything is set for the delivery.

10. Notary and completion

We guide you during the inspection of your home, take the meter readings and make sure that everything will go smoothly. Then we go to the notary for the delivery of your home.

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